Wisdom makes all things new

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Wisdom makes all things new, always beginning again anew; indeed, the glory of wisdom’s grace is always doing something new, beginning anew, trustworthy and true, creating new heavens and a new earth (Rev 21:5; Isaiah 43:19 & 66:17).  This is who Christ is, wisdom renewing creation in glory, sending the Spirit to impart wisdom, restoring the abundant completeness of ineffable glory.  Old fixations pass away as habitual addictions spontaneously release, as wisdom regenerates creation, making everything new.  The revelatory Name is always doing something new, infusing tears of repentance to renew hearts in ecstatic joy, restoring the goodness of creation with abundant completeness, always beginning again anew.  

Wisdom creates all things new as the glory of the age to come cuts through temporal postponements, releasing the timeless revelation of God’s reign of glory.  The glory of grace leaps over temporal prevarication into timeless translucence, timeless transfiguration, timeless glorification of creation in uncreated light.  The timeless completeness of wisdom is the completeness of ineffable glory.  Wisdom beholds glory as glory unveils wisdom, refreshing wearied hearts as they turn to see, seeing as they are seen.  This is wisdom’s mysterious turn, unveiling insight into glory, releasing tears of yearning into tears of joy.  Prophecy cries out, ‘Behold! Everything is new.’   Prayer whispers, ‘See as you are seen, as love’s glory sees you when you are seen right through, beheld by the trustworthy wisdom of love.’  Prophecy responds, ‘Behold I am making everything new,’ inspiring prayer to embrace renewing grace anew, inspiring hearts to answer, ‘Thy will be done!’

Wisdom is always doing something new, always creating creation anew in the glory of the reign of grace, rupturing the complacency of habit to renew original holiness in God, to realise consummating holiness in God.  God’s timeless completeness is new in every moment, timelessly opening the heart of uncreated light in the uncreated presence of ineffable glory.  The Name unveils glory anew, generating the uncreated light of faith, the uncreated embrace of hope and the uncreated power of love.  Without participation in these theological virtues of uncreated grace, there is no way wisdom can be soundly sustaining nor glory lived wholly as glory.   Wisdom renews faith that is trustworthy and true, hope that is sound and wholesome, love that is unselfish and liberating, renewing holiness of heart to renew the world.  Holy Trinity is wisdom’s ultimate love and unconditional joy, generously shared with those whose hearts it makes indivisibly whole, enabled by grace to be what they mean when they say, ‘Amen.’  Renewal turns awareness right round to behold the glory of grace, renewing perception so glory transfigures mind and heart in the unity of the Spirit, completing the fullness of time in the timeless completeness of the Father’s image, restoring likeness through the deifying completeness of the only-begotten Son.