Wisdom and Glory

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Wisdom infuses the heart with transfiguring glory, fusing them in a union without confusion in the Holy of Holies.  The simplicity of this union centres where stillness dwells, in the union of the Father with the Son, a union which the Spirit discerns and shares with all, opening it to those who hallow and glorify the Name.  Wonder completes the lesser mysteries that purify the heart, opening them to wisdom, whilst glory completes the greater mysteries that frees wisdom to rise into the fullness of glory.  Wisdom and glory are uncreated energies of God the Holy Trinity, not to be confused with the divine persons, yet always unveiled through them, by being revealed in them for our glory.  Christ is the wisdom and the glory of the Father, just as the Spirit is the wisdom and glory of the Son, revealing God the Father through God the Son.  Holy Orthodoxy is not narrow dogmatism, but it does reveal what the dogmas communicate, whilst transcending the compulsive degenerations of dogmatism.  Orthodox Hesychasm is certainly profoundly dogmatic, whilst never descending into narrow dogmatism, preferring to abide in wisdom that bears witness to glory in the hallowed Name.  The infusions of wisdom discern the interfusions of glory everywhere, fusing Holy Orthodoxy with the expansive openness of wisdom, unveiling without confusion the completeness of glory. 

The communion of wisdom and glory lies at the heart of the mysteries of illumination and deification, revealed by the Spirit’s prophetic witness and unceasing prayer.  As uncreated energies, they open the mysteries of glory to the uncreated oneness of the Holy Trinity, unveiling the holiness that hallows holy saints.  The flame of the Name communicates tongues of fire to awakened hearts, consuming confusion and healing division.  What wonder initiates, wisdom completes by unveiling the completeness of glory, completing temporal incompleteness.  Glory is the mystery of timeless completeness, which Hesychast seers call glorification and desert wisdom calls deification.  It is the union of wisdom with glory which frees glory from the vanity of vainglory and releases glorification of self-interested degeneration.  It regenerates the mysteries of glory in the limpid purity of uncreated energies, hallowing the Name without confusion and welcoming realms of glory without division.  Temporal incompleteness is completed by the timeless completeness of uncreated glory, healing addictions to incompleteness by mending what separates temporal incompleteness from uncreated completeness.

Wisdom weds with glory as a Holy Song of Songs, liberating love from compulsive obsessions, refining love from worldly passion into passionate remembrance of God.  The holy marriage between wisdom and glory grounds greater holy mysteries in a union that transcends worldly loves, by liberating them from fear and dread, restoring them to the glory they manifested before the fall.  Glory is union at the heart of paradise, the same union that unites heaven and earth with invisible and uncreated energies.  It is union with Christ in the Spirit, which is union with the Spirit in Christ, union that glorification decisively unveils to wisdom, restoring glory to the Father.  Wisdom ascribes glory to God the Holy Trinity, by ascending in the Spirit to raise saints with Christ, restoring timeless glory to the Father.  Desert wisdom is not, therefore, a sectarian diversion but the ancient wisdom of Holy Orthodoxy powerfully renewed from within.  It is the glory of heavenly doxology, sustaining it inside out, glory infused with wisdom from within, transcending ‘in’ and ‘out,’ by imbuing everything with hallowing wholeness.  The communion of wisdom and glory permeates the whole of Holy Orthodoxy, curing confusion and healing division, ensuring that the co-inherence of glory and wisdom bears witness, by completing incompleteness, to the completeness of the glory of holy wisdom, from wisdom to glory.