Wonder and Wisdom

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Awakening to wisdom generates wonder so that wonder may sustain wisdom.  Fairy tales communicate wonder long before wisdom makes sense of religion.  Because entry into wonderland empties us of everything, wonder has the magical capacity to raise us from nothing through wisdom.  Tales of wonder are true, long before science begins to test its theories against known facts, just as elven wisdom sustains magic long before men master the world through technology.  

Chesterton reminded Tolkein and Lewis that by telling tales of the Ring or Narnia, Inkling wonder may help to restore wisdom.  Alice, discovering that nonsense makes more sense than common sense, uncovered the ancient but forgotten sense of nonsensical wisdom.  The wind in the willows, although eminently sensible in its humbling of Toad, did not quench the wondrous delights of the riverbank.  Humbling the vanity of pride, wonder was enabled to embrace the magic of wisdom.

Wisdom is wonder more wonderful that wonderland, just as wonder speaks for wisdom before wisdom awakens to glory.  Mankind needs elven magic to remain sane, which is why wonder, standing is awe of wisdom, can nourish and sustain it.   Elven magic preserves wisdom from profanation, preferring stories to rational explanation.  More reasonable that rationalism, wonder and wisdom wed in a holy marriage on earth, in silent readiness for a holy marriage in heaven, the marriage of wisdom and glory.