Eye of the Heart

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The eye of the heart is fundamental, giving Holy Orthodoxy its cutting edge.  Crowning with uncreated light and enthroning in uncreated glory sustain the awakened heart with the wisdom of the Cross, cutting through endless defilements with the flame of the revelatory Name.  Christ does not let things degenerate but opens them to heavenly wisdom again and again, unveiling ineffable glory in uncreated light.  Wisdom regenerates union of mind and heart in every direction and in every dimension, clarifying confusion, curing division, severing soul from Spirit like a two-edged sword.  The way of the Name is simple but without the witness of patriarchs and prophets, sages and saints, impenetrable thorns and thistles deny access to it.  Elders cut through these obstructions, renewing the way of the Name for sages and saints in age after age.  Gospel glory does not date, being grace that saves, always ready to renew everything in the presence of the age to come.  Sometimes elders communicate awareness, sometimes presence, always vigilant that clinging ceases, opening the way to the Name.

The heart opens the eye of oneness when everything dissolves into a single point, becoming a flame of uncreated fire, enlightening heaven and earth in one glory, through the Name.  It is no good expecting the blind to lead the blind out of the ditch, because blind attempts fall back into the ditch with hopeless inevitability.  The remedy is purification of the heart, which enlightens the mind in the heart, sustaining glorification through the grace of the Gospel.  Holy despair works both ways at once, releasing self from self and awakening wisdom to glory.  Hallowing the Name, the Kingdom comes, making present what before was yet to come.  Actually, NOW is the moment of salvation, HERE the place of the saving Name.  The pure heart is empty and open, awakening saints to uncreated light.  Saving grace is always generous and kind, opening wisdom to glory in every situation.  The translucent clarity of stillness never ceases to open heaven and hallow the earth in the Holy of Holies.

The eye of the heart is opened by the wisdom of the Cross, overcoming death by death and rising into the uncreated light of resurrection.  Wisdom ascends with the Paraclete into the Pentecost of uncreated fire, opening to living presence in the age to come.  The wisdom of God precedes every age, so has always known the glory of the age to come.  Some call this primordial wisdom, but others call this the heresy of perennialism,  so elders prefer stillness, in silence acknowledging the recognition of remembrance.  The Apostle John called it eternal life, but some think eternalism is a heresy, preferring to dwell in wordless stillness.  Endless accusations of heresy swing this way and sway that, paralysing dogma, reducing living truth to dogmatism.  Stillness abides upstream from every reified extreme, liberating old heresies in radiant silence.  Wisdom opens the eye of the heart to wondrous glorification of God, glorifying saints with generous reciprocity.