Prophecy and Prayer

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Prophecy reveals timeless well-being overflowing amidst the living heart of prayer, bearing witness to the Gospel of infinite grace in every situation.  Prayer is in love with prophecy and prophecy with prayer, concealed in the Bridal Chamber of the Holy of Holies.  Wisdom’s conjugal union with glory regenerates the Hesychast Tradition in the holiest of holy sanctuaries, awakening the heart as a place of overflowing grace, in the abiding presence of God.  Saints bear witness as prophets of prayer, but do not cultivate cults of personality that hinder the fertile culture of prophetic prayer.  Elders are aware that their function can degenerate into a cult of self-interested self-adulation, hindering prophecy from cultivating prayer, so they step back that the Spirit may come, just as Christ stepped back when he sent the Spirit and returned to the Father.  Without this standing back, Christ himself knew he would have been a temptation to his disciples, for they would have turned him into an opaque Idol, a translucent icon no longer, extinguishing prophecy and prayer.

Prophecy steps back so that icons do not degenerate into idols, renewing prayer with resurrected prophecy.  Monasteries become schools of prophets like sons of prophets on Mount Carmel, following the ascension of Elijah.  Like Elijah, elders pass away, leaving elders like Elisha, bequeathing the Holy Spirit who imparts the reign of glory hidden in the Name.  All is well when the reign of the Name breaks in anew and saints sing again their Song of Songs, hallowing God’s Name.  Death dies to death when glory resurrects wisdom in the next generation and the next.  But when this fails to happen, it is not an ultimate catastrophe, because the Spirit can raise prophets from dead bones.  When the Spirit graces saints, prophecy awakens prayer anew, regenerating the world.  Wisdom glorifies God, thereby glorifying saints, turning them inside out and outside in, shattering idols, renewing icons as the Song of Songs becomes wisdom song again.

The Bridal Chamber gives the Holy of Holies its risky yet catalytic capacity to regenerate wisdom in glory and glory in wisdom, sustaining the children of God from within, regenerating saints with the Song of Songs.  Love has the capacity to restore glory to icons amidst the shattered fragments of broken idols, raising prophecy from death to resurrect prayer, over and over again.  Without holy love and the Song of Songs, words shrivel into hollow ghosts of what they were as prophecy, leaving dead bones.  With holy love, the Holy of Holies is a wondrous Bridal Chamber where a Seraphic gaze becomes a Cherubic kiss, embracing saints with angelic wheels within wheels.   Prophecy impregnates saints with prayer in the Holy of Holies, restoring glory to wisdom with an intimate kiss, a kiss of peace whose gaze embraces the whole world.  Holy is the Name of glory that nourishes timeless well-being with the embrace of ecstatic love, wisdom reliving anew the Song of Songs in the hidden Bridal Chamber, revealing the glory of love in the Holy of Holies.