God’s Reign of glory

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Wisdom cuts through prevarication and removes mountains of resistance, revealing God’s reign of glory with every turn. The saving function of the Name is to reveal God in all dimensions and in all ages without ceasing to unveil glory to wisdom in the timeless presence of the present.  Nothing interrupts glory when wisdom is awake because wisdom is ageless and easily encompasses many ages and dimensions with her single eye.  The graceful countenance of God faces us face to face, but distraction dissipates and deludes until wisdom dawns and we are seen as God sees us.  This is decisive, as Christ so clearly saw, pointing directly to God’s presence that turns, awakens, sees.  Synoptic parables all point to this and the Beloved Disciple’s ‘I AM’ sayings all reveal this, but most prefer to postpone wisdom by becoming conventional believers.  Elders open hearts to purification when they bear witness to the decisive presence of uncreated light, awakening sinners to grace, then glory.

Stillness appears to elude those who prefer opinionated extremes, waiting for the Spirit to cut through clever sophistry to unveil wisdom.  Profound stillness is actually always already awake to wisdom’s revelation of glory, uniting past with future glory in the present.  Shallow beliefs spawn narrow opinions that endlessly avoid the revelatory void, whereas wisdom is crystal clear from before the beginning, dazzling seers with her self-evidence.  Christ is the same yesterday, today and everyday, forever whole with the ineffable wholeness of God.  This is the holy Catholicity of God, that does not come and go.  Clever minds vacillate, whereas purity of heart is unwavering.  Wisdom fuses everything from beginning to end without confusion, curing divisive separation, but is also like a two-edged sword, severing confusion to heal division, communicating completeness by completing incompleteness.

God’s reign of glory never fell from grace, so never lost the completeness it had from the beginning.  Humankind fell when fallen angels were imitated rather than angels cleaving to the Name. Listening to fallenness became habitual until Christ wedded sinners to his reign of grace, freeing them from doubt and hesitation.  The Spirit points to the pearl of priceless wisdom, revealing the reign of the Name.  The Father gathers lost souls back into his embrace, welcoming them home.  Externals cease to define those who are at home in the reign of glory.  The letter of the Scriptures cries out for the Spirit, without whom literalism quenches prophecy and pure, wordless prayer.  Holy Orthodoxy is glory of Holy Trinity, or it is an institutional curiosity.  Repeating Patristic formulas is not enough to save sinners or consecrate saints, although old fossils can be interesting.  Wisdom discerns God’s reign of glory is actually just the way things are and always were, a reign of grace that creates, saves and frees.