Radical Ineffability

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The radical ineffability of Orthodox Hesychast wisdom is indefinable, endlessly transcending ecclesiastical and theological sectarianism.  This transcendence is not understood by those who condemn wisdom as heretical.   They think they know what wisdom is and condemn it as Gnosticism, or Montanism, if they are referring to wisdom’s prophecy, or Messalianism, if they are condemning wisdom’s prayer. Hesychast saints remain silent, abiding in stillness, making peace rather than inflaming extremes of condemnation.   This means nobody from the outside can grasp the freedom in which saints abide, the grace that saves them or the glory that deifies them in the Holy Name.  Like the Apostle Paul, they listen to the ineffable words of the third heaven rather than to scholastic verbosity or the verbal constrictions of controlling clericalism.  They remember that the words of saints communicate the ineffable glory of love rather than points of legal order or of divisive accusation.  They speak to communicate God’s realm of the Name to those who are willing to listen, that they might directly turn and see.

The wholeness of ineffable glory reveals indefinable completeness and how incompleteness abides in completeness, embracing created time within uncreated, timeless presence.   Elders transmit the ineffable wisdom of grace, ensuring the Orthodox tradition remains alive and well.  In a world which reduces the ineffable to conventional levels of literal understanding, this may baffle those who prefer trite certainties.  Prisons of pride await those who are self-opinionated, whilst open heavens welcome the humble and meek.  Humility is self-emptying rather than self-obsessing, sustaining humble stillness.   Great Peace blesses those who hallow the Name, taught by glory to treasure grace.  Saints treasure ineffability in the Holy of Holies, abiding in the remembrance of God.  Nothing is contrived when wisdom is ineffable, sustaining purity of heart.

Ineffability is radical when it penetrates to the very roots of Orthodox wisdom, freeing them from conceptual grasping and clinging.  It is radical when it is no longer troubled by confusion or in two minds about division.  When awareness turns and presence sees, division dispels and glory sings wisdom songs.  The seal of the Spirit encloses the mystery of mysteries, leaving no trace of esoteric superiority.  Realms of glory lie hidden within all, waiting to reveal their treasures.  Ambitious deliberation pushes God away, but the Spirit is perfect freedom.  Contrived reactions defile good actions, resisting active freedom.  Wisdom transforms everything, yet nothing can inform God’s wisdom.  Wonder frees wisdom to be wisdom, releasing wisdom to be just who she is.  This is wisdom’s reign of radical ineffability, sealed by the Spirit in the bond of Great Peace.