Ecstatic Joy

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When awareness unites with presence, ecstatic joy blesses wisdom’s communion with glory on the inside of the Holy of Holies.  This is the wondrous opening of the eye of wisdom in the heart.  Elders point directly to the eye of wisdom, cutting straight through to enlightenment in uncreated light.  Wonder steps back into the translucent clarity of wisdom, emptying awareness of self-centred delusion, liberating glory from vanity.  Blessed wisdom purifies the heart from self-centred delusion, awakening God-centred glory.  Self-obsession turns its back on God, re-enforcing self-delusion, whereas wisdom awakens to God-centred peace in the image and likeness of God.  Trivial thoughts and vain defilements frequently get stuck in foolish routines, losing touch with the blessing of grace.  Wisdom dissolves confusion and cures division in the stillness of Great Peace, grounding wisdom in the way of the revelatory Name.

Christ awakens wisdom by revealing glory upstream from distraction and union free of dissipation.  The Spirit discerns the truth of the Name in the communion of wisdom and glory.  Ecstatic joy ignites insight with blessed presence, wisdom with uncreated glory, hidden from curiosity and inaccessible to speculation.  Union with Christ in the Holy Spirit is decisive, dissolving doubt and resolving hesitation with unbroken lucidity, gently weaning love off fear.  Divisive variations of confusion and separation dissolve into sound difference and wholesome communion.  God is one, giving God-centred awareness countless ways to partake freely in different modes of communion.  Opposing extremes dissolve into wholesome differences when wisdom unites with glory, revealing blessed saints as repentant sinners and sinners as sanctified saints.

The Name is ineffable, but when wordlessly revealed, can be communicated with the help of ineffable words.  Past and future drop away when God-centred presence is roundly present, timelessly awake, agelessly present.  The Spirit’s two-edged sword severs spacial dislocation as well as temporal distance, extinguishing doubt and despair.  Conventional formulas fall away as wisdom dawns, renewing Patristic tradition beyond narrow traditionalism.  The wholeness of God’s regenerative grace is infinitely generous, never ceasing to resurrect the dead.  The sacred embraces the secular and the secular the sacred when wisdom and glory fuse without confusion.  Freedom explodes into ecstatic joy, empowering wisdom to unite with glory, realising unified oneness in the living heart of ineffable openness.  Wisdom rejoices in the blessed openness of pure oneness with every breath, restoring glory in realms of uncreated light.