Reciprocal Glorification

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The hour of glory dawns when the Son prays that the Father may glorify the Son that the Son may glorify the Father (John 17: 1).  Eternal life is knowledge of God, not natural immortality, granting reciprocal glorification by grace to saints, through Christ, in the Holy Spirit.   Revelation of the Name is revelation of God the Holy Trinity, not a natural, created capacity but an uncreated grace, so God’s glorification of saints is reciprocal glorification of Christ in the saints and saints in Christ.  The Father glorifies saints through his Name, revealing the oneness of the Father and the Son, communicating the joy of union to all who turn and see.

The day of the Name is not an event in time but reveals the timeless glory of divine completeness, which delivers saints from evil.  The world is in time but saints are not of this world, because they adhere to the Word of Truth.  The Spirit of truth hallows saints in the truth of Christ, that all may be one as God is one.   Glorification is reciprocal, from God to Christ and from Christ to all who turn and see, imparting knowledge of God.  Christ abides in glory empowering saints to abide in glory, opening glory to all who partake in uncreated grace.  The decisive implication is that reciprocal glorification is the indispensable foundation of God’s reign of glory.

Christ came to reveal God’s Holy Name, revealing love’s glory to those who glorify his Name.  As prophet, priest and king, Christ imparts God’s reign through his Name, silencing the deceptive lies that usurp truth in the world.  Gethsemane and Golgotha both reveal reciprocal glorification, as do the resurrection and ascension of Christ.  God glorifies saints so that saints may glorify God, ending the power of the world of sin, death and the devil.  Initially, only the Beloved Disciple experienced reciprocal glorification, but the mystery of glorification was eventually expanded by grace to embrace all who became beloved disciples in the power of God’s Name.