Timeless Glory

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Timeless glory embraces saints by grace, embracing sinners to transform them into saints, awakening contemplative seers to timeless life.  Temporal awareness displaces glory into the distant past or into a distant future, whereas timeless glory is actually always present, eternally NOW or never, cutting through temporal duration or leaping over temporal determination like a mountain.  The Spirit of truth and the moment of truth do not reveal themselves until theophanies of wisdom unveil realms of glory, awakening awareness to wisdom that discerns the real presence of glory in mysteries of glory.  Timeless glory is decisive, severing deception by integrating wisdom with glory in the Holy Name.

Timeless glory is always sudden and direct, because theophany pierces the hardened heart of temporal separation, revealing the timeless reign of the saving Name, which is the Spirit’s revelation of truth.  Time stubbornly prefers to go on flowing from past to future, endlessly postponing the dazzling timelessness of the age to come.  Wisdom, however, already lives in the age to come, abiding in the glory of the hallowed Name. Holy Wisdom disrupts the worldly flow of time, bringing God’s eschatological future into the present, calling seers to come and see where Christ dwells with the Holy Spirit in the Father’s timeless presence.  Holy Trinity never was conditioned by the constricted flow of time but revealed timeless glory to be the hidden meaning (logos) of time.

Uncreated glory dearly loves wisdom, because wisdom loves to discern the timeless reign of glory, which is love’s gracious realm of timeless life.  Awakening to glory, the wisdom of heaven unveils glory on earth as in heaven, uniting different dimensions of time and the timeless in their co-inherent communion with God the Holy Trinity. Timeless glory embraces centuries in a moment, enabling saints, like angels, to enter time whilst transcending temporal constrictions, sustaining divine-humanity with timeless completeness embracing temporal incompleteness, perceiving time in the uncreated  light of timeless glory.  Insight into timeless glory glorifies the hearts of deified saints, blessing future generations with the promise of hallowing communion with God,.