Ecstatic Self-Emptying

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Ecstatic self-emptying is mutually reciprocal: when we give ourselves to God with ecstatic self-emptying, God reciprocates, giving us himself with ecstatic self-emptying. Indeed, divine-human reciprocity, initiated by God, actually means our self-emptying is in response to God’s, whose grace is asymmetrically prior.  Our lives are first divine, then humanly divine, communicating incorruptible completeness.  The wisdom of the Father is revealed by God the Son, unveiling in the Spirit the ineffable completeness of their union and the consummation of their communion with reciprocal self-emptying.  Co-inherently ecstatic, Holy Trinity is first a kiss of peace, then a gaze of infinite love, then an embrace of mutual, ecstatic self-emptying.  Peace purifies, crowns, then enthrones those who turn and see God present in the midst, completing the Covenant of Glory by perfecting enlightening completeness.

The Book of Life records all who partake of the wisdom of the Tree of Life, secretly ensuring salvation in the Name.  Uncreated light writes the names of those hallowed by the Name, remembering their names within the ineffable Book of the Name. Undying life writes them into the Book of Undying Life, restored by glory into undying peace.  Light leads captivity captive, freeing ecstatic self-emptying to empty out binding, deadly weight.  Scattered shattering ceases as wisdom gathers scattered shards of light into flames of ecstatic glory, restoring glorification of God, through God, in God.  Traces of light point the way back to ecstatic light, emptying darkness into light, emptying light into each last dark corner of darkest hell.

The Holy Spirit completes what the heavenly Father initiates in the Son, enlightening the world.  Hearts turn in the deepest of hidden depths, rising from light to glory, emptying darkness into ineffable glory.  Wisdom walks the way of the Name, revealing peace with glory without end.  The Name embraced wisdom in the beginning, revealing glory in the end, emptying wisdom into glory and glory into wisdom without end. The ecstasy of union empties into the ecstasy of hallowing communion, transforming heaven and transfiguring earth.  Ecstasy intoxicates self-emptying from beginning to end, mirroring Christ divine-humanly whenever the Spirit’s anointing Chrism of uncreated energy is received.  The eye of the heart is the luminous eye of Christ in the heart, emptying himself into the heart, emptying the heart into himself, consummating the Spirit’s conjugal communion with Christ’s ineffable completeness.