Living Crown

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Wisdom is alive when it crowns illumined seers, flowering with the completeness of the saving Name, bearing fruits of completeness in timeless glory.  Just as love awakens love, wisdom awakens illumination and glory glorification, purifying the heart.  Abiding in the Holy Spirit, illumined hearts rest in peace, trusting grace that holds nothing back, communicating the goodness of God with ineffable abundance. The Bride embraces her Beloved, infused by him with union in the Holy Spirit, receiving the timeless life of glorification.  Insidious guile intrudes when satanic parody intervenes, but the Spirit shows no trace of guile in the communion with saints in realms of glory.  The heart of Christ outshines temporal resistance, always ready to welcome home lost souls, sealing the Name with the bond of peace.  The living crown was never really separated from the throne of grace, so never really needed to regain the communion enjoyed by saints.

Crowning wisdom generously deifies prophets, priests and kings, enthroned by grace in the Holy of Holies, filling the holy Bridal Chamber with conjugal joy.  God fathers children of God by imparting the grace of God the Son, completing temporal incompleteness with the timeless completeness of the Holy Spirit.  God never forsakes those who remember God through God, remembering God in Holy Trinity.  Gloom obscures the insight of blind guides who compulsively lead the blind into the ditch, but grace turns hearts of seers, enabling wisdom to see as she is seen.  Vanity makes glory vain, seducing glory into falls into vainglory and pride, but grace enlightens the eye of wisdom, revealing glory restoring glory among saints.  Paralysis gives way to decisive action in the Name, restoring eternal life to glorification.  If the crown were not truly alive, the throne of grace would not deify the saints.

The crown of eternal life deifies all who descend from crown to throne, ascending through Christ from throne to crown.  God assumes humanity to deify humanity through Christ with every breath, imparting the Spirit of truth to reveal the truth of the Name.  Saints reveal God through glorification, no longer obsessed with themselves in their divisive separation, no longer confusing themselves with God. When wisdom descends, confusion is extinguished and division healed.  Wisdom opens hearts to joy, exalting humble awareness.  Seers turn and see the glory of God’s reign of grace, discerning the glory of wisdom, declaring the glory of grace.  Flesh and blood cannot inherit the reign of the Name, but, once born again in the Holy Spirit, living saints most certainly do.  Warring powers give way to the crown, when the secret of wisdom makes glory known.  The living crown loves to descend to unite with the throne of the heart, wedding wisdom with glory in the grace of the Name.