Axis of Turning

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The axis of pure turning is the heart in which everything turns round at centre, everything is decisively immersed in uncreated light, revealing deifying glory.  When the heart turns, heaven turns, earth into heaven, heaven into earth, revealing glory at centre through wisdom.  Active and receptive energies conjoin in the heart, dissolving delusion, undoing division.  Dispersing doubt, clarifying confusion, fear’s reign of terror dissolves into God’s reign of love, healing division, completing the cycle of eschatological, doxological completeness.

When axial turning turns and seeing sees, the Spirit opens heavens on earth, uniting earth to heaven.  Uncreated grace actively transfigures hardness into receptivity of heart, unveiling uncreated oneness in true openness of heart.  The revelation of wisdom lies hidden in unapparent glory, waiting to be loved and known.  Primordial revelation is timeless, infusing holy union, revealing generous grace, transmuting self-interest into self-realisation.  Golden crowning abides in golden enthroning, sealing the Spirit in the bond of peace.

Red-gold enthroning completes yellow-gold crowning with infinite rejoicing, resting in the peace of infinite stillness.  All conceptual grasp releases when the pearl of great price is found, surrounded by unfathomable mysteries of glory.  No longer afflicted by doubt or torn between opinionated extremes, heaven opens to earth and earth to heaven.  Thunder resounds as lightening strikes, empowering light to congeal and energies to unite.  Spiritual awakening is spontaneous when opinions cease to impose arbitrary control, opening humble oneness to infinite openness.