Hallowing the Name

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Hallowing the Name cannot be separated from the reign of the Name, because God is the subject and object of both, his uncreated awareness discerning uncreated presence in the Name.  Purity of heart blesses those who turn and see God with the eye of wisdom, discerning uncreated glory with the single eye of uncreated light.  The practice of the presence of God is wisdom’s greatest delight, the same yesterday, today and forever.  Hallowing the Name practices presence in the image of wisdom practicing glory.

Purity of heart is the elexir of timeless life, uniting inner and outer in uncreated light. Hallowing the Name unites the mind with the heart, congealing uncreated with created energies, revealing uncreated oneness in radical openness.  Turning awakens seeing, purifying the heart, enlightening the mind, deifying saints in the reign of the Name.  The great way of Name-hallowing abides in the undying love of wisdom, refining created energies in the oneness of uncreated energy, opening to glorification in openness.

Uncreated light transcends psychic alchemies, which prolong longevity, realising deifying union.  The eternal and the temporal are one in timeless presence, revealing original oneness through liberating openness.  The way of truth is lived in humble oneness and simple openness, neither distracted nor vacuous, at once heavenly and earthly.  The Spirit of Truth hallows the Name by living uncreated wisdom as glory, practicing the way of awareness in oneness and opening presence, ‘I’ and ‘AM,’ revealing ultimate completeness of glory. 

Feast of Saint Cuthbert of Lindisfarne and Saint Herbert of Derwentwater