Turning Vision

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The Gospel of Jesus Christ begins with metanoia, turning, to reveal theoria, vision of God’s Kingdom, opening the eye of the heart to wisdom, consummating love of God in glorification.  Wisdom conjoins heaven and earth in the glory of the Name, discerning the uncreated light of the Gospel, treasuring the pearl of great price in the womb of the heart.  Embryonic union leads to consummatory communion, turning the light of awareness round, sealing the seed of turning vision in the heart.

Purification, illumination and deification appear to be three phases of a temporal unfolding, but are actually three timeless dimensions of the eternal glory of wisdom. Turning vision is not isolated to individual souls but turns everything round in accordance with the grace of the Gospel.  To turn is to be turned, to see is to be seen, seen by God, known through God, united with God, embracing everything without exception, though invisible to hardened hearts.

Centred turning generates centred seeing, transfiguring the turning world.  Turning vision concentrates the heart with spiritual insight, purifying it with uncreated light, illumining it with uncreated glory.  Single-minded practice of turning regenerates the heart with single-minded vision of God, seeing with wisdom’s single eye.  Wisdom has many names, just as glory has many modes, each of which expresses oneness in a different way, opening veils of glory in manifold different heavenly realms.