Recognition and Remembrance

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The remembrance of God cannot stabilise until recognition of God awakens the heart, uniting awareness and energy in the Holy Spirit.  The Spirit breathes life into the heart with uncreated energy, purifying the heart with uncreated light.  Stillness lives from purity of heart, giving new life to Hesychast tradition, renewing it with the  wisdom and glory of the Name, restoring remembrance with recognition.

Recognition leads the mind into the heart directly, awakening remembrance of God, inspiring insight through God, abiding in God through the grace of God’s Name. Recognised during the Eucharist at Emmaus, Christ is remembered at every Eucharist, because Christ first remembers us in the Spirit, as we abide in God (Luke 24:13ff). Recognition remembers God as God remembers his own, who recognise him.

Remembrance of God recognises God, curing delusion and distraction through God,, transmuting delusion into wisdom and distraction into glory.  Paralysis of heart is more difficult to cure than distraction, because when noticed, distraction becomes action, whereas paralysis is oblivious of its paralysis.  Recognition awakens the remembrance of God, curing paralysis of oblivion, transmuting distraction into pure action, enlightening the heart in the dynamic reign of wisdom and glory.