Unknowing Openness

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Unknowing openness humbly releases the self-centred desire to know, to be in control, to be self-centred rather than God-centred.  Openness is childlike trust, faith in God which transcends proud beliefs, transcends self-righteous egoism, humbles right-thinking which usurps faith.  Unknowing knows God beyond self-righteous knowledge, trusting God as God trusts God, as the Spirit trusts God in Holy Trinity, with trusting openness.

Openness stands open when faith trusts God as God trusts God, revealing Holy Trinity. The mystery of the Cross is the mystery of love that bears the burden of the fall from glory, trusting love to save, delivering suffering humanity from despair.  The Cross has nothing to do with divine wrath imposing punishing penalties but with deifying love, resurrecting humanity by putting death to death.

Resurrected knowing knows as God knows and God is known in Holy Trinity, knowing that is humble, unknowing openness.  No heresy comes between God and God; nothing heretical can obstruct God from God.  Faith trusts God to save rather than stubbornly struggling to save ourselves by strain or stress.  Humble openness lets God be God, trusting God in Holy Trinity without substituting self-obsessed faith in our own faith for humble faith in God.