Song of Songs

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The Song of Songs communicates Holy Conjunction, enclosed by the Seal of Solomon, his hexagram, signifying, ‘as above, so below.’  The seal signifies the Grail, Solomon’s empty vessel, at once Grail chalice filled with the life-blood of Christ and Grail vessel crossing over oceans of existence to the safe havens of God in Holy Trinity.  As the vessel of Solomon, the Grail is the second coming of Christ in the Eucharist and revelatory Name, empty receptacle of the light and glory of his dazzling presence, but also vessel of presence, sailing over seas of tempestuous temptation into the safest of safe havens, the Holy of Holies.  Saint Paul’s third heaven was his safe haven, where he heard many ineffable words of the Word of life, corresponding to the seventh heaven of sevenfold completeness, the encircling Empyrion, seventh sphere enclosing six ringed spheres, pyr of purifying fires, expansive heaven of seven heavens, firmament of the throne of glory.  Purifying fire is the highest, heavenly fire of air, opening into uncreated light, etherial flame unveiling uncreated glory.  The web of threefold co-inherence enfolds fire with light and light with glory, unveiling the Name’s safe haven of fire, safe heaven of light and safe home of enfolding glory.

Solomon’s holy conjunction communicated the Song of Songs, Christ’s holy conjunction his union with his Bride, the Church of God, the New Jerusalem, enclosing spheres of purifying fire encircling spheres of light and glory.  Wisdom’s stratosphere is an ocean of love flowing abundantly from the pierced heart of Christ, filling the empty Grail with life eternal.   The sun bleeds because the Son of God bleeds interceding love, praying for all to be saved, love healing the bleeding wounds of the world.  Forgiveness comes when grace comes, hallowing the Name, but love brings with it a Song of Songs that sails over seas of terror into havens of Holy Trinity.  The vessel’s hallowing hold holds love in its hollows, for Solomon’s vessel was always the Song of Songs, bearing the anguished burdens of all, dying with Christ who dies for all, loving all in each and each in all.  The knotted web of love is indivisible but never uniform, manifold but never dissipating.  The dull lead of material mortality transmutes into the golden glory of deifying immortality, here, in the spacious hold of the alchemical vessel of love.   The King’s dove flutters over the heads of his saints, showing doves how love dearly loves their white, winged beauty.  

Solomon’s Song of Songs still seals love’s mystery with a sign, conjoining inverted triangles yoked in union, ‘as above, so below,’ signifying communion, love uniting his earthly heaven with her heavenly earth, gendered conjunction with love’s heavenly meaning.  Grace is wondrous mercy embracing wondrous peace, held in the hold of Solomon’s vessel, safe in the fold of the Shepherd’s wisdom.  Doom dooms itself to the doom of love, as dolorous wounds heal.  Who celebrates love’s Holy Liturgy?  Christ, whose war in heaven brings peace on earth.  Who reconciles whom?  To whom?  Love reconciles love to love, hidden in the Threefold tomb of love, resurrecting love through love.  Mercy concelebrates with grace, giving thanks with peace.  Time suspends time’s temporal incompleteness, as it reveals love’s timeless completeness.  Love’s liturgy is always timeless, for love’s parousia is love’s timeless presence, love’s timeless awareness: God’s Name.  The Bride’s liturgy, too, was always timeless, for she knows the timeless glory of his resurrection, new in every moment, renewing every moment.  She dances with his love in every moment, weaving in and out with glory’s encircling co-inherence.  The Spirit is invoked, descending like a dove, consecrating holy hallows and Grail seers, sanctifying Grail wisdom and Grail saints, hallowing love’s many unions with glory’s one communion.