Grail Recognition

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When Dom Henri Le Saux, known in India as Abhishiktananda, awoke to the Name as he was awakened by the wisdom of the Name, he turned as he was turned, recognising the enlightening presence of wisdom.  Seeing glory as glory is seen by wisdom, he cried out:  “I have found the Grail.”  Dying into God, as he almost died of a heart attack, he was reborn in the Name, presence first and last, beginning and end, as the age of glory dawned.  He awakened to the presence of presence, the shekhinah, the timely doxological time of the age to come, olam haba, God-centred glory, ending this current worldly age, olam hazeh,  delusion that usurped God at centre.  Doxological time begins with God’s God-centred timely end, proceeding from God’s age to come.  Beginning again from the beginning, paradise was restored, proceeding from future glory to original glory in present glory without end.  It was wisdom’s empty, God-centred receptivity that empowered Abhishiktananda to recognise the Grail, Christ’s second coming as real presence in his Name, real presence in the Eucharist made present as presence by the Name.  Both Name and Eucharist were always holy hallows, because both unveil the Holy of Holies in the light of the dazzling, holiest presence of holy presences, the Holiest of Holies present in the midst of all.

The Holy and the Holy of Holies, with the Holiest of Holies, their consummate completeness, are three ineffable degrees of unveiling, three enigmatic dispensations of real presence really present, opening in turn from heaven, to the heaven of heavens, to the highest heaven of heavens.  Grail recognition purifies the heart, illumines the mind in the heart and glorifies the glorified heart of all, Christ for all, in all.  Grail completeness calls for all three faces to be unveiled, God recognised, loved and known, just as completeness completes the fire of turning with the light of seeing when wisdom sees the glory of glory, recognising the wisdom of wisdom in the end.  This is completeness of wisdom, recognising and recognised, mutual, reciprocal recognition of glory by wisdom, recognising the glory of wisdom’s ineffable completeness.  Wisdom’s gaze is wisdom’s kiss when the embrace of glory is revealed.  Saints die into this light of love as they are born into its glory.  Wisdom turns and sees glory in the midst, inspiring recognition of recognition in hallowing recognition.

Grail recognition transcends Grail legends that retell old stories like parables of a reign of glory, bringing legend to life, which is the timeless life of glory.  Grail hallows were icons of holy presence that unveil real presence to the glory of presence, like names that humbly unveil the Name above all names.  Recognition turns because recognition sees the glory that transfigures cognition with wisdom’s recognition, renewing recognition with light of glory.  Seers turn, so wisdom sees glory, where vanity saw only itself, obsessed with itself, condemned to vacuous vainglory.  Wisdom generously empties vanity from vainglory so glory can breathe again, releasing freedom by bestowing grace.  Without recognition, there can be no remembrance, no remembrance of God in the midst.  Without remembrance, the Name is invoked in vain, because there is no real presence.  Without presence, nobody finds the Grail, because nobody remembers what Grail recognition is.  Only wisdom remembers, only wisdom sees, because only wisdom embraces glory and only wisdom hallows glory, the glory of the saving Name.