Archangels Gabriel, Oriel, Phanuel and Raphael

The heavenly twin can manifest in many mysterious ways, but as angel of revelation and wisdom, the twin loves to unveil the angel of the Name, Shemuel, with whom four  archangels love to bear witness to the Name, Gabriel, angel of revelation, Oriel, angel of uncreated light and illumination, Phanuel, angel of the unveiled Face of uncreated Presence and revelatory Personhood, and Raphael, angel of glory and the hallowing healing of glorification.   The twin is not, therefore, a fixed, angelic double but a manifold angelic unveiling of purification, illumination and glorification in the Name, Shem.  The archangel Gabriel opens hearts to the reign of revelatory glory and wisdom, whilst the archangel Oriel re-orientates us into the hallowing Orient of light and glory.  The archangel Phanuel unveils the uncreated face of light and glory through the Name, whilst the archangel Raphael unveils the hallowing healing of glory in the saving Name.  Whilst something like these inter-relating epiphanies occur among many different saints, God has many names, each of which unveils the Name to angels and saints in different ways, so the twin differs in accordance with the many possible theophanies of God’s revelatory names.  In fact, each of us differs in the many ways in which we embody, like angels, God’s different names, the many ways in which Shemuel relates with Gabriel and Raphael, Oriel and Phanuel, bearing witness together to God’s Holy Name.  Shemuel shares with Gabriel in the revelation of God which unveils the Name, imparting, with Oriel, the uncreated light of wisdom in the many ways we personally partake, with Phanuel, in the saving presence of the unveiled face, completing, with Raphael, the hallowing, healing mystery of glorification through the Name.  Wisdom is consequently never monotonous but reveals a wondrous, celestial polyphony that is a resonance of God’s symphony of many revelatory names in which angels timelessly participate, inviting saints to join them in their Cherubic Hymns and Seraphic Odes.

Many saints bear witness to the archangel Michael instead of Phanuel in their experience of the archangels of revelation, purification, illumination, and glorification, but among archangels there is no argument, since every angel unveils unlimited possibilities with every possible combination of divine names.  Phanuel’s revelation of the Face of God overcomes all the enemies of God just as Michael’s celestial victory does, revealing that there is no contest or rivalry between them.  Each of them points beyond himself, through their common witness, to the light and glory of God.   It is this shared witness to illumination and glorification that unveils the power of their archangelic glory.   Wisdom’s uncreated, creative creativity unites different divine names into unique epiphanies, rooting graced personhood in divine presence in many unrepeatable ways, inviting each one of us to partake in theophanies of God’s uncreated imagination in our own uniquely personal way.   The fact that death is no barrier between angels and saints means that the timeless glory of manifold wisdom has no limit, either in this life or in the age to come, opening to an unbroken unveiling of wisdom and glory in the timeless reign of God.  Phanuel’s witness to God’s unveiling of his countenance of uncreated grace supports Gabriel’s witness to the revelation of the Name and completes Raphael’s insight into the hallowing healing of glory, together with Oriel’s wisdom of the uncreated light of enlightening glorification.

The archangel Gabriel’s concern for revelation and realisation has always co-operated together with Oriel’s insight into the uncreated light of wisdom and with Phanuel’s revelation of Presence in the unveiled face.  Raphael’s witness to glory has always uncovered the healing holiness of glory so that together the archangelic witness bears fruit in illumination and glorification.  Whist something like this may very often be the case, the inconceivable openness of revelatory divine names means that the divine possibilities are unlimited and the radiance of their glory is incalculable.  Even an infinity of life-times could not possibly exhaust the capacity of the Name to reveal an infinitude of divine possibilities, each of which is capable of combining countless divine names.  We are all invited into this opening reign of hallowing glory by the revelation of the Name.  We are all welcomed into this heavenly feast of uncreated light when we are glorified with Christ who comes in the glorified Name.  We are all invited to come and see what has been prepared for us, the glory waiting to be discovered by us in the company of angels, unveiling glory realised with their help.  There is nothing exclusive or compulsive in this revelation of the Name, as angels like Phanuel well know and in truth bear witness, uncovering countless ways of awakening to the glory of Presence and being that Presence in person.  All are called but none are forced to conform in alienating ways.  Freely invited into the liberating freedom of revelatory presence, God’s revelatory names unveil his Name of names in radically freeing ways.  The angel of the Name, Shemuel, dearly loves the Archangel Gabriel, who ensures the Name is radiantly revelatory, loves Oriel who opens illumination in the uncreated light of the Name, with Phanuel, who unveils the Face of Presence in person through the Name, and Raphael who imparts the healing holiness of the unveiled Name, a communion of angels that communicates the Name’s communion of saints in every timeless moment.