Rest in Spirit

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When the heart abides in Christ, the mind rests in Spirit, united with the heart, partaking in the Great Peace of the Father.  Rest in Spirit is not soporific passivity but active remembrance of God, partaking in the Spirit’s insight into the union of the Father with the Son.  With Christ’s ascension, the Spirit raises saints on high and deifies them through Christ’s glorification, for the Spirit gives birth to saints with the breath of ineffable love, unveiling their worldly faces to the face of love’s uncreated glory, empowering children of men to be love’s spiritual children, glorified  by the grace of God.  Rest in Spirit sustains the upright heart, healing the down-hearted spirit, partaking in Christ’s resurrection and bearing witness to his glorification.  Perfecting the completeness of ineffable glory, wisdom welcomes saints into the heavenly circles of angels, drawing them into the chorus of archangels in the Holy of Holies, hallowing the Name in glory with wisdom songs.  Rest is therefore active in its hallowing receptivity, not passive or dull-hearted, for the children of God are actively reborn in Spirit, unveiling the ineffable face of glory.  The Spirit’s wisdom renews seers from within as light from uncreated light, deified in uncreated glory.  The hearts of elders rest in the Spirit of truth who imparts wisdom that purifies and illumines the saints, unveiling in them the timeless mysteries of glory.

Rest in Spirit calls for the active co-operation of body, soul and spirit, if the whole person is to partake in the completeness of Great Peace.  There is no abiding in peace until there is rest in Spirit and truth, wisdom indwelling the truth of Christ through the Spirit.  If the heart is troubled or disturbed by fear, the Spirit’s prayer intercedes until trouble releases and fear disperses.  The Spirit’s intercession guards spiritual rest from demonic confusion, curing it of diabolical division, enclosing the heart in the remembrance of God.  Spiritual rest is the soul’s Sabbath, God’s day of rest reflected in the soul, followed by the eighth day of timeless completeness.  The Sabbath of the soul is the seventh day of the Spirit’s sevenfold unfolding, the day of completion, unveiling the eighth day of completeness in the hallowing Name.  The seventh seal is the silence of heaven (Rev 8:1), the timeless day of the Spirit, the unceasing presence of the light of glory.  Glory silently raises the dead, resurrecting deadening fixation, restoring lost glory, welcoming glory restored.  Rest in peace is a unconditioned gift of grace, a dazzling revelation of uncreated light, a transfiguring manifestation of the glory of Christ.  It communicates the rest that the Spirit shares with Christ in the Father’s Name above all names.

The Spirit breathes rest in peace into every perception, once saints are truly dying before they die.  Elders point to this but it is the Spirit that communicates this.  Uncreated light calls, ‘Come and see, turn and behold your secret treasure hidden in the midst.’  Effulgence of light extinguishes darkness by generating light from light, empowering light to rest in light, enabling glory to abide in glory.  Wisdom stands steady at centre, when mountains of resistance and abysses of confusion threaten.  In light, seers turn, freeing  light to manifest through light, carrying the heart over turgid storms of error.  The Spirit reliably carries Christ’s bride over every obstruction, giving wings to her awakened heart.  Rest in Spirit is actually always winged, capable, therefore, of rising up over the pitfalls of deception.  It is not condemned to be permanently subject to darkness, nor fatally determined by deadening conditioning.  The Spirit gives wings to the awakened heart, so that it may rest in the stillness of its abiding.  Satanic lies may deceive for a while, but their futile parodies are vain and vacuous, unable to deceive the Spirit in its inviolable presence, in its inextinguishable truth.  The heart, therefore, may safely rest in the Spirit, God-centred instead of self-centred, rooted and grounded in the truth of the Name, resting in the Spirit’s love of the Son and the Son’s love of the Father, full of grace and truth.