Love’s Glory and the Lamb

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Christ’s great high priestly prayer is for the inner circle of his disciples to be kept safe in God’s holy Name, that they may be one with God and one another as he is one with the Father and God’s children in his Name (John 17:11).  Love’s great glory is Christ’s sacrifice of the Cross, the mystery of the Lamb slaughtered from the foundation of the world, love’s eternal witness to love at the heart of the world.  Christ reveals this love because he is this love, unveiling the wisdom and glory of love.  The Name unveils divine life as the way and truth of love, deifying all who are born again in the Holy Spirit.  Love’s glory is timeless love, as is the Holy Name of God, who is as he was and shall always be: ‘I AM,’ for the Name above all names is the revelation of the wisdom and glory of love.  When the grace of the Name chooses to unveil God, love’s glory is revealed, consuming all confusion and separation.  Realising ‘I AM,’ seers bear witness to the wonder of God’s awesome Name, sharing his love in uncreated light, love that deifies saints in uncreated glory.  The Name communicates love’s oneness of wisdom and glory to the glorified, who ascribe all glory to God, undoing falls from love’s glory of grace.

The Lamb reveals love’s glory by unveiling love’s ‘body’ of uncreated light in saints, bearing witness to the truth of the Name in them, unveiling love’s ‘body’ of transfigured glory at the heart of light.  Love’s glory is spontaneous awareness replete with liberating forgiveness, simple presence poured out in compassionate kindness, embracing both angels and saints with the love that unites heaven and earth.  This love Inspires elders to watch over all who awaken to love’s glory, because the Spirit abides in the presence of the slaughtered Lamb, free and at peace in the loving presence of God.  The ‘body’ of wisdom embraces the ‘body’ of glory in the hallowing Name, unbinding fixations that bind awareness with deadly double binds.  The Lamb handed himself over to be bound in order to unbind the bound.  Christ gave himself up to be slaughtered, to free the bound from their many bonds.  His Name frees like a two-edged sword, severing bonds of every kind, unveiling the dazzling beauty of love’s uncreated light of glory.  Uncreated beauty releases matter into light, as wonder surrenders fear into glorious joy.  The beauty of love’s smile, unveiled by the Lamb, inspires the laughter of angels, dissolving hells into joyous heavens.  Always aware and ever-present, love’s glory opens the outer darkness of hell into the grace of uncreated light, raising saints to love’s uncreated glory.

Love’s glory shines forth through the slaughtered Lamb, unveiling love’s stillness at the root of wisdom.  Sages and seers begin with love’s stillness so as to imbibe wisdom and glory upstream from pride.  Friends of the slaughtered Lamb do not let vanity contaminate glory, but release vanity into uncreated glory, co-operating with wisdom’s unceasing creativity, creating creation anew in every moment.  Awareness is ever-present in the presence of loving awareness, ensuring that wisdom spontaneously abides in love’s unceasing glory.  The stillness of saints grounds them in wise humility, serenely abiding in the loving presence of glory, ensuring the glory of grace remains free of vanity.  Stillness liberates wisdom from the bondage of worldly desires whilst serenity frees peace from addictive quietism, nourished by the blessing of joy.  Spiritual states come and go but the grace of love’s glory stands steadfast with wisdom.  Miraculously conceived in the heart of love’s glory, unselfish love arises with wisdom, generously poured out to cure and heal all.  The Lamb abides steadfast in the midst of the Father’s throne of grace, crowning saints with shining holiness, unfolding realms of undying love, enfolded by the glory of love’s unceasing presence.