Co-inherence of Wisdom and Glory

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The co-inherence of wisdom and glory hallows saints with unfolding mysteries of union, enfolding them in the Father’s love of the Son, embracing them with the Spirit’s insight into love, praying in them for all, through Christ’s love for all, to the glory of the Father.  A worldly mentality stubbornly contests the wisdom of Christ, which it cannot comprehend, secretly subverting the Spirit of truth, which it perverts with parodies, insinuations of subtle pride.  But awakened hearts cannot be destroyed by parody, because it is the heart of God that reigns in glory there, not some human imitation that spawns glittering lies.  Grace communicates its wholesome truth in hearts that glorify God’s Name, dethroning vainglory by restoring glory to God.  Grace does not go back on its saving Word, nor betray the love that pours itself out on saints, perverting their hope into despair.  Darkness subtly denigrates the light of trust and hope in order to extinguish love, whereas love abides inviolate in the depths of awakened hearts, concealing the light that generates light from light from the dark grip of deception.  The Spirit restores trust and hope in the saving Name, in order to inspire love in elders and saints, ensuring that co-inherence of wisdom and glory flowers in the humble soil of grace, deifying all who hallow the Name in the Spirit.

The Spirit inspires wisdom songs ascribing glory to God, dissolving delusions that usurp God, overcoming all divisive opposition in realms of glory.  Divisive alienation is dispelled by wisdom through hallowing right-glorification, which sustains Holy Orthodoxy in timeless glory from within.  Nothing can separate what God has joined, nor confuse those whom God has hallowed in his Name.  Divisive confusion is cured by God’s God-centred knowledge of God, overcoming the onslaught of demonic powers, being Holy Trinity empowering revelation of God’s Name, sustaining realms of glory discerned by wisdom.  Christ disseminates the radiance of holiness through the saving Name, awakening hearts to the Spirit’s power and glory.  Glorification of the Name purifies and enlightens hearts in the temple of unselfish awareness, securely and lovingly enshrining the presence of God.   The Spirit sings powerful wisdom songs that restore glory to the Father through the Son, hallowing the Name in Holy Trinity, raising victims from hell’s despair, ascending through wisdom to the glory of love.

Christ imbues saints with love of holiness, generously sharing the fruits of his humble simplicity by gently wooing them with his love.  Enfolding humanity in his deifying love, Christ’s divine-human realm of glory is shared by grace with all who hallow his saving Name.  It is the Spirit that crowns saints with wisdom and enthrones them with glory, calling for elders to ensure crowning arises well-grounded in enthroning glory.  The Father of glory enthrones Christ in glory together with the saints, imbibing wisdom that ascends to discern glory at the heart of grace.  When troubles continue to arise, wisdom is not troubled by them to the extent that the realm of glory is secured by grace.  The Father of wisdom is indivisible from the Word of glory unveiled in the death and resurrection of Christ, inseparable from the Spirit of truth unveiling the light of his ascension, enfolded in the love that empowers his glorification.  Seers abide in the awareness of the presence of glory, encouraging saints to live in the grace of unselfish love, guiding elders to discern what the Spirit knows of the Father through the Son.  This co-inherent knowledge crowns saints with living wisdom from above, generating thrones of glory from below, inspiring wisdom’s holy love songs of union with glory, restoring glory to the Father through the Son, in the grace of the hallowing Spirit.

Feast of the Holy Dormition of the Mother of God