Wisdom’s Eternal Gospel

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Wisdom’s Eternal Gospel reveals that the Holy Name unveils God to the whole of creation, invisible and visible, not just to the human world (Rev 14:6).  For wisdom’s gospel, the invisible creation includes the angelic worlds of bodiless powers who are created in the timeless Logos, just as humanity is, including all beings of awareness and presence.  Angels are created beings with bodiless spiritual intelligence, that is, awareness presence whose  glory the Name unveils.  The angels are an invisible creation that belongs with visible creation in one inclusive created union and spiritual communion addressed together by the Logos of the revelatory Name.  Each visible being is surrounded by invisible angelic companions, whom the Name also saves by unveiling God’s ‘I AM,’ uncreated awareness at the heart of presence and uncreated presence at the heart of awareness.  When the Name is revealed on earth, Christ also reveals it in heaven, so that the whole creation is renewed in uncreated light and restored in uncreated glory.  Self-centred anthropocentrism tends to ignore all angelic co-companions, observing only visible presence whilst ignoring invisible presences, dividing creation in confusing and destructive ways.  When angelic presence uniting awareness and presence is suppressed, visible exteriors are perceived in materialistic ways, as matter to be dominated, exploited and used, not loved, revered and respected as they are by angels and saints.  The Name reminds them that uncreated presence is aware and uncreated awareness is present in all created beings, that paradise lost is wondrously regained when wisdom beholds uncreated glory in all invisible and visible worlds.

Mature Hesychast saints never forget the invisible worlds of angelic co-companions nor ignore their function as guardians of the wholeness and glory of creation.  It is true that inexperienced imitators of Hesychast saints do not always remember what this maturity means, sometimes because they are caught up in current, consumerist trends, as recent developments on the Holy Mountain show, where monastic forests are destroyed by lucrative exploitation and wildlife subjected to the lethal violence of profitable hunting syndicates.  Warnings from indigenous sages have been ignored world-wide, as have the world’s angelic guardians, who have not been heard for generations.  Listening to both, the ear of the heart is awakened, timeless wisdom dawns and begins to turn awareness round, restoring presence to glory.  But wise listening does not stop at the cleansing of perception but participates in the uncreated activity of wisdom world-wide, decisively stepping back from oblivious disaster.  Listening leads to radical vision and vision to effective, radical action.   Creation is one in the image of God, who is one, as angels and saints have always known.  The Name restores this wholesome oneness by revealing the harmonious communion of awareness and presence in all, welcoming wisdom’s embrace of glory in every perception.

Angels have always faithfully lived wisdom’s Eternal Gospel, having seen what happens when it is neglected, namely, angelic falls from grace that plunge angels as demons into hell.  Christ is nevertheless ever-present in their midst, as he is present in the awakened hearts of saints, uniting invisible with visible worlds, angels in heaven with saints on earth.  His presence unites their earthly heaven with the heavenly earth of paradise, rooting the wisdom of his oneness in the uncreated glory of deification.  Christ is simultaneously present at centre, in both angelic and human worlds, sharing through the Spirit, his union with the Father, communicating it with both angels and saints.  Wonder is the angelic and the human response to wisdom’s Eternal Gospel, wonder that is in profound awe of the glory it unveils.  Perplexity may initially lead to fear or even terror, but there is nothing left for fear to fear when wisdom transfigures terror into joy.  The Spirit’s timeless vision of the Eternal Gospel eventually wins through when angels and saints both listen, turn and see the glory of the gospel’s awesome grace.  Elders among the angels stand in awe whilst earthly elders are transfixed among the saints, awakening through wisdom to wonder, for wonder, though silent, is a wholehearted ‘Amen’ when its glorification is lived and loved, hallowed by the all-embracing Name.  The Spirit’s Eternal Gospel of uncreated wisdom unites heaven and earth, weds the invisible with the visible, restoring deifying glorification in angels and saints.