Creative Imagination and the Heavenly Twin

Wisdom invites us to behold the heavenly twin that God’s uncreated imagination creatively envisions, when we are created in God’s image.  The heavenly twin beholds this divine image with a view to our rising into its likeness, for it is our guardian angel who guides us from way ahead of us, God’s reign of glory, into the mysteries of purification, illumination and deification.  Our angel is already present in the reign of glory in the age to come, calling us to come and see, for the angel is ahead of us, inspired, like us, to welcome the translucent image as transfigured likeness in the reign of glory.  The wisdom of stillness is translucence that welcomes transfiguration, beholding the glory that God has prepared for each one of us, the glory the guardian angel twin already knows on our behalf, beckoning us to transcend ourselves willingly, in the transfiguring energy of the Holy Name.  The glory of grace invites wisdom to behold the glorification of the image in which God is creating us, unveiling to us who God is creating us to be.  Our heavenly twin holds our deification as our guardian, who welcomes glorification on our behalf, until such time as we mature into the fullness of the stature of Christ, inviting us to share in the glory that is in store for us.

There comes a moment of pregnant presence which unveils the mysteries of the guardian twin, glorifying God in us, not glorifying us instead of God, as vainglory does.  This timeless moment is not in time, but fulfills time in the fullness of time, decisively opening the creative image to dazzling likeness.  It is the timeless revelation of Presence that transfigures the heart into the place of Presence, the temple sanctuary that enshrines the unveiled Name.   Wisdom sings her Odes of glorification that call us out from self-obsession into God-centred recognition and remembrance.  She invites us to behold ourselves as God intends us to be.  She shares her vision of God’s vision of us in his image, in his glorious likeness.  Inspired by her, the guardian angel twin fills our hearts with longing for completeness, with love for the angel presence of our being.  Sometimes we glimpse her in the visible form of another human being, when wisdom turns us round to behold her in her invisible glory.  This is theophanic love, love that is both human and divine, love that lives love’s secret of secrets through wisdom’s mystery of mysteries, which is glory’s Holy of Holies.

When the timeless fulfils time, love transfigures love, uniting heaven and earth, angels and saints.  Self-emptying presence bears witness to uncreated Presence when timeless glory pierces time.  Timeless completeness transfigures incompleteness, suspending the temporal postponements of time.  Love of the beloved turns longing inside out and outside in, unveiling God in the angel Name.  Nostalgia for completeness, filling incompleteness with its passionate longings for completeness, transfigures incompleteness into ecstatic completeness.   Blessing opens into ineffable joy.  The guardian angel becomes what she guards.  The twin becomes what united the twin to his twin.  Such blessing is unique to the one whose image this is, the image whose likeness this ultimately is.  The image twins the likeness as the likeness twins the image.  Turning inside out, God’s wisdom is unveiled; turning outside in, God’s glory is revealed.  Seeing as we are seen, wisdom and glory conjoin and wed.  The twin shows us what wisdom sees by unveiling the glory by which wisdom is seen, revealing the union of angels and saints like a flash of dazzling lightening, like a flame of uncreated fire, transforming the uncreated image into uncreated likeness.  We become our deified twin when our twin, by grace, becomes us, uniting heaven and earth, angels and saints, in paradise. The guardian angel twins our image in God’s likeness, creatively imaging that likeness so that our glorification by grace is ensured.  Created, like us, in God’s uncreated, creative imagination, the angel of our glorification is the  guardian of our deification, bearing witness to the glory which is our likeness to God, wisdom creatively recreating us, through Christ, in God.