Wisdom Song

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The heart sings wisdom songs when grace overflows the heart and glory soars over mountains of resistance, prevarication, postponement and perversion.  The Spirit prays as it wills in the depths of the heart, so why fuss about ways and means?   Our spirit rejoices in the Holy Spirit when wisdom turns and sees God present at centre in the heart, dissolving self-centred delusion.  Friends of God love with God’s love as hearts awaken, delighting in God nearer than near, consuming confusion and dismantling division.  Peace frees anxiety to release into joy, liberating love.  The wings of the Spirit soar over mountains of stubborns resistance, releasing cramped thinking into laughter, calculation into wisdom song.  Confined spaces open into expanding realms of the Holy Name as angels dance round and round the throne of grace, crowning elders among saints with wisdom.  Hierarchy congeals into enlightening light as monarchy explodes into majestic glory. 

Wisdom loves to sing when glory enlightens the eye of the heart, letting sadness flee and tears see what wisdom sees.  Prophecy plants seeds of joy which prayer reaps with loving laughter, rejoicing that all is well with oneness when it opens and stays wide open, receptive to love’s glory.  Crazy generosity gives grace the capacity to transcend fair play, preferring love to frightened justice.  How can souls possibly know what awakened hearts awaken to beneath ordinary perception?  How can seekers guess what seers see when wisdom turns awareness right round and unites with the uncreated source of awareness?   Filial awareness discovers its paternal source in the Holy of Holies, where the Bridal Chamber sings a Song of Songs that only wisdom knows.  The Spirit of Truth is happy to sing wisdom songs in different languages, turning warring religions into ecstatic wisdoms singing of uncreated wisdom.

Songs of heart-felt wisdom replace clever dialogues when saints discover God indwelling every heart, God co-inhering at centre amidst every breathing presence. Each is the centre in which all are centred, breaking open hardened hearts.  Divine yet human, all are human yet divine when the secret is out and the meaning clear. Wisdom befriends every heart with a kiss of grace as she gazes into the eye of love with her ineffable embrace.  Sadness melts hearts and opens them to infinite joy, transcending consolation, preferring the Paraclete to clever theories of atonement.  Fear clings desperately to rewards that punish and hells that condemn souls to infernal fire, whereas love frees flaming hells into glowing heavens of glory, gladly burning infernal books of reckoning.  Wisdom plays simply, singing crazy wisdom songs that laugh and love, dancing in and out within glory’s resplendent circles of uncreated light.