Glory to Thee

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Wisdom loves her timeless doxology descending from on high to glorify God, restoring glory to the Father with the Son, through the unceasing prayer of the Holy Spirit. Doxology is divine essence in act, actively expressing quintessential divinity, revealing Holy Trinity: ‘Glory be to Thee, O our God, Glory be to thee.’  This very ancient doxology predates the dogmatic theology of the Holy Trinity, whilst expressing it quintessentially.  Mystical doxology utters ineffable words, logoi, that unveil the Logos of Glory, way beyond the liturgical formulae with which we are familiar, revealing the quintessential energies of the Holy Trinity.  Awakening the heart in the midst of the night, ineffable logoi communicate the hidden mysteries of God’s reign of the Name in the silence of highest heaven.

‘Glory be to Thee, O our God, Glory be to Thee.’  Wisdom listens to the ineffable words of God issuing from the Logos of Glory in timeless realms, awakening the heart. Whatever may be happening in visible worlds, invisible doxology offers wisdom’s unceasing prayer, restoring glory to God.  Descending from on high, wisdom makes all things new, practicing doxology to mend and renew the world.  The hidden mysteries of Throne and Crown are mysteries of ineffable doxology, temple mysteries which do not wither and fade.  Doxology is heavenly angelic activity, restoring angels to our awareness and saints in the ineffable presence of their glory.  Contemporary nihilism thinks all this is nonsense, because, neglecting doxology, it does not sense the invisible at the heart of the visible.

Wisdom is not tempted by nihilism, being the active expression of glorification, revering timeless doxology.  Wisdom sees through relativism to the Holy Spirit of truth, unveiling the glory of matter, hidden by ideological materialism.  Wisdom restores glory to God in an age that has lost touch with doxology.  Nothing can silence wisdom’s Song of the Name, renewing and mending the world.  Invisible to rational argument, wisdom sees through exteriorising rationality to the mysteries of glory that glorification inspires.  Doxology does not despise reason, but transcends rationalism as wisdom lives the way and truth of glorification.  Great Peace abides where wisdom sings, communicating ineffable completeness.  Great Stillness abides where wisdom prays: ‘Glory to Thee!’  Who can tell what wisdom sees when turning discovers God revealing God, restoring glory to God?  Ineffable doxology knows!