Reciprocal Remembrance

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Wisdom reveals Holy Trinity as God’s witness to God in God, divine reciprocation, answering the Spirit’s witness to the Son, who reveals the glory of the Father. Reciprocation occurs whenever the invocation of God hallows the saving Name, bestowing the reign of God on those who invoke grace in the Name of Jesus, fulfilling the Lord’s Prayer.  The remembrance of God in stillness restores glory to the Father through the Son, conjoined with the Spirit’s unceasing remembrance of God in Holy Trinity.  God reveals co-inherent reciprocal remembrance to be the life-blood of the wisdom of the Cross, discerned with invocation, sustained by reciprocation.

God empties God into God by reciprocation, revealing self-emptying kenosis at the heart of Holy Trinity.  In the uncreated light of Holy Trinity, reciprocal invocation empties God into us and us into God, in the timeless likeness of his radiant image, which is Christ.  When we are emptied of worldly things, God fills us with divine things, which is deification.  Invocation is doxological from beginning to end, sustaining reciprocation, grounded in God’s self-emptying remembrance of God through God. Holy Trinity is co-inherent reciprocal remembrance of God, by God, in God, before it is living glorification by angels in heaven, long before it is glorification of God on earth, reflected in doxology and dogma.

Reciprocal remembrance includes the joy the Name communicates to those who invoke it, first rejoicing God, whose Name is invoked, then communicating shared, mutual joy in hallowing reciprocation.  Jesus experienced the timeless blessing of the Name, handing it on when he communicated God’s saving Name, transmitting the communion of saints from saint to saint.  Remembrance of God on earth does not forget the Spirit’s  remembrance of Christ with the Father in heavenly realms, embracing all who are members of Christ’s body of remembrance, all who embody his glorious body of remembrance.  As the Logos, Christ gathers them all into his Kingdom, that they may rejoice with him in the reciprocity of his hallowing remembrance.