Gospel of Glory

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The Gospel of glory communicates the glory of grace, revealing the glory of completeness in the midst of incompleteness, completing incompleteness within the perfecting embrace of wisdom.  Glory completes incompleteness by overturning time, breaking through time into timeless presence, opening presence with the gaze of wisdom, turning awareness round into the source of awareness, grounding wisdom in glory.  The Gospel of grace loves the presence of glory, inspiring glorification, purifying and illumining the heart.  In time, purity of heart makes way for illumination, opening illumination into glorification, whereas for timeless glory, glorification is simultaneously purifying enlightenment and dazzling deification.  The interpenetration of the timeless with time engenders many Christly mysteries and wonders, revealing manifold wisdom transcending rational calculation.

The Gospel of glory loves wisdom, as wisdom loves glory, wisdom beloved by glorified prophets, priests and kings in reigning realms of glory, sustaining the way and truth of timeless living.  The good news of the Gospel points to the ineffable wonder of grace, utterly baffling the mentality of deserving with the sheer miracle of gift.  Wisdom lives from radical gift, treasuring the glory of gift which inspires glorification.  Opening to revelation of glory, wisdom abides in ineffable openness, transforming expansive freedom into boundless glorification.  Seers abide by grace in the vision of God, freeing saints to abide in the glory of grace through glorification, encircling God with ineffable deification.  The Gospel of glory unites purity of heart with baptism in the Spirit, integrating charismatic with wisdom mysteries in unexpected ways.

The Gospel of grace is glorious in many wondrous ways, inspiring pure prayer, attuned to the Spirit’s unceasing prayer in the inner heart, hidden in the Holy of Holies.  Mysteries of union with God lie hidden with Christ in God until wisdom makes them known, whilst protecting them from vanity, pride and vainglory.  As Gospel, grace is made known to all, but as glory, grace is hidden from pride, lest glory be profaned and taken in vain.  Vanity takes grace for granted, confusing confusion with communion, misconstruing wholesome difference as diabolical division.  The Gospel of grace communicates the gift of wisdom, well able to tell the difference between confusion and communion, division and difference, curing confusion and healing division.  The Gospel of glory encircles grace, preventing grace from being taken for granted and profaned, opening wisdom with glory, abounding with boundless openness.