Language of Angels

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Love is the language of angels, uniting heavenly realms with earthly worlds, singing the ineffable language of wisdom.  When wisdom sings, prophecy breaks free from the conventional mind that lives from fear and imposes control, cutting through obstructive barriers, soaring over stubborn resistance.  Wisdom is prophetic as it prays without ceasing in the Holy Spirit, communicating union with the Father in Christ, the Logos.   The language of angels is the language of love spoken by the Spirit, through the Son, restoring glory to the Father. Prophecy speaks this language of hidden mystery, inspiring prayer to intercede in earthly worlds as it does in unfallen, heavenly realms.

Angels sing the language of love in heaven, descending from heaven to earth as the Bride of Christ, the New Jerusalem.  Wisdom Song takes up the language of love on earth in response to the language of heaven.  The glory of love spells out the logic of love to all who turn and see, loving as they are loved, glorifying as they are glorified. The Logos of love is not sentimentality, but spiritual co-inherence, amply able to communicate the communion of saints.  The language of angels becomes the language of saints on earth through wisdom, prophecy and prayer.

The language of love is the language of glory, communicating the wisdom of many ineffable names, in each of which God dwells in the heart of the Name of names.  The language of angels is the language of glorification, communicating the Holy Name in many different ways.  Wisdom is manifold in its empowerment of Name-hallowing, glorifying God through God, in God’s many deifying names, gathering seers and saints into communion, communicating deifying glorification.  The communion of saints with angels imparts the hidden language of love as it communicates the ineffable words of the Logos, sharing the language of angels on earth as radical prophecy, just as ineffable love is shared among angels in heaven as unceasing prayer.

Feast of Saint Basil: New Year’s Day