Crowning and enthroning

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Wisdom, clear as crystal, flows from the glory that enthrones the Name, communicating the life-blood of boundless love that flows forth as grace from the wounds of the slaughtered lamb, restoring healing glory to the Father in his Kingdom.  Christ dwells in the midst of this glory, enthroned with the Father at centre, where all centres coincide.  He is the wisdom at the heart of the tree of healing life, nourishing all nations and peoples with its hallowing fruit throughout the year.  Its wondrous leaves bring healing to all, curing the ills that deface union and destroy communion, regenerating union from confusion and communion from division.  Waters of wisdom renew heaven as well as earth, transmuting confusion into union and division into communion.  

Light of glory shines in the Holy City, bearing witness to the Kingdom of God, radiant with limpid purity like pearl, beauty born of suffering, opening glory through pierced clarity to glory.  Everything is shrine here where the eye of the heart is awake.  Everything is sanctuary here where God’s Name is hallowed and the Kingdom comes with power.  Everything is winged throne here where the Holy of Holies is a Bridal Chamber of holy union, wisdom conjoined with glory in the hidden recesses of the Name.  Life in the Name is the timeless presence of glory revealed in ever-present awareness, hidden presence of glory unveiled to timeless wisdom without confusion.  Robes of radiant glory and crowns of enlightening grace clothe purified saints in the Holy of Holies, enthroning them together with Christ glorified, upheld together by a Cherubic Hymn.

Crowning has always been one of wisdom’s ineffable symbols of glorification, enabling elders to communicate what otherwise would baffle speech.  Seers in the desert treasure such symbols but never confuse them with the uncreated mysteries they symbolise.  The eye of the heart enthrones the Name just as the awakened heart in turn enthrones God in the midst of hallowing glory, whose symbol is the crown.  Such symbols really do partake in the uncreated energies they symbolise.  The experience of crowning really is participation in the uncreated grace of the Holy Spirit.  Such energies empower illumination and glorification through God, the Holy Trinity, the experience of turning, which purifies like fire, the experience of seeing in uncreated light and the experience of uncreated glory, which Orthodox tradition calls deification.  

The experience of Baptism as purification is called a first resurrection, turning the mind right round from deranged dislocation to God-centred relocation in the heart.  The experience of Chrismation is illumination, awakening union of seer and seen in God-centred seeing, resurrecting the spiritually dead to God-centred union with God.  The Eucharistic mysteries empower union that resurrects, blesses and hallows seers so that second resurrection, like the first, frees them from second death, like the first.  The Name resurrects all who turn and see.  Consequently its flame is no longer experienced from the outside, as an infernal fire of hell, but as the living flame of love that hallows saints on earth from within, just as it hallows saints in heaven.  The fire is the same fire of uncreated love, but when deifying love is rejected, it burns.

Enthroning has always been another of wisdom’s ineffable symbols of glorification, so that when death and hell are thrown into the lake of fire, second death also becomes a death of death, including the death of hell itself (Rev 20:14).  Hell is condemned to hell by ineffable love, a mystery that was always concealed in the hidden depths of the Name.  The Name unveils a new heaven and a new earth when death and hell are cast into hell’s lake of fire and the New Jerusalem descends from God to wed Christ, the Slaughtered Lamb.  The Name is hallowed so as to reveal Emmanuel, God with us, when ‘I AM’ is unveiled, when death puts death to death through death, when death is overcome by death through death, God’s ineffable mysteries of death and resurrection in Christ.  In the resurrection, death is no longer what it was when the power of death ruled instead of God.  Hell is no longer what it was when the fire of unselfish love was disdained.  All curses lift and are released when enthronement with crowning unveils glorification through Christ in the Spirit, restoring glory to the Father.  

Glorification inscribes God’s Name on the forehead and in the heart with uncreated energy, crowning the saints with deifying light, enthroning them in uncreated glory.  All who see with the eye of the heart experience the unveiling of the Name in the forehead, awakening the heart to the unveiling of God’s Face.  Wisdom makes all things new by revealing these mysteries of the Name, by inspiring whole-hearted trust in the utter trust-worthiness of grace that the Spirit unveils as saving truth.  The completeness of wisdom is unveiled through the Name, when ‘HE WHO IS’ unveils ‘I AM,’ when ‘I AM’ is unveiled as Alpha and Omega, First and Last, Beginning and End,’ in the midst of all who turn and see (Rev 22:13).  The priceless pearl has always been pure, but without self-emptying suffering there would be no pearl, no hallowed treasuring and no pearl gates open to all.  Prophecy communicates the Name so that prayer can partake of the glory the Name reveals.  When time reigns, ‘I AM’ is still to come yet always coming, again and again, but wisdom is not in time, so knows the timeless presence of the glory of ‘I AM.’  Wisdom awakens to the timeless presence of glory in wholesome glorification, unveiling ineffable crowning at the heart of what Christ’s shared enthronement in glorification ineffably reveals.