Christ’s saving grace

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Christ the Logos is the meaning of being unveiled as saving grace.  Christ covers our repeated falls from glory with saving grace, love’s ineffable glory, addressing our straying and stressing with the radiance of his timeless Name uniting wisdom and glory.  When the Name is not hallowed as it is in heaven, an endless range of opinions easily intrude, obscuring the saving grace and glory of the Name.  Christ’s presence is inevitably distanced by these opinions, confused with an endless stream of one-sided interpretations that obstruct his saving grace.  His name, Jesus, is invoked, but not with whole-hearted trust, with the result that his name ‘Yah Shuah,’ ‘Jesus,’ ‘I AM saves’, is no longer permitted to save, distancing the grace of wisdom’s hallowing union with glory.  When wisdom and glory are separated, awareness and presence are divided, which happens when Christ’s uncreated ‘I AM’ is confused with created phenomena, when God’s ‘I AM’ is usurped by our self-centred delusions.  Self-interested vainglory intervenes the moment ‘I AM’ is unrecognised and the remembrance of God is lost.  

The Holy Name ‘I AM’ inspires many ways and means, but there is no way ‘I AM’ is just a means to an end, being God’s unending end as well as his timeless meaning present since the beginning.  ‘I AM’ has many different names but there is no division, because ‘I AM,’ our God, is always one.  If awareness and presence are divided and wisdom is cut off from glory, there is already deviation.  Awareness and presence are inseparable in God, inseparable in Christ and in the Spirit.  ‘I AM’ is one before Abraham was (John 8:58).  ‘I AM,’ therefore, completes all ways and means when the Spirit frees them to restore glory, through Christ, to the Father.  ‘I AM’ cannot be said to exist, as created things exist, but neither is ‘I AM’ non-existent, since there is undoubted awareness of presence and presence of awareness, wisdom embracing glory in the midst.  Sometimes elders affirm the Name, so as to point it out, whilst at others, they deny all its created predicates, in order to preserve it from being reified and profaned.  Christ always remains who he is, ‘I AM,’ in the hearts of all his saints.  Prophecy testifies to him, the One who always is, always was and who shall always be ‘I AM,’ whereas prayer partakes in the Alpha and Omega of the Spirit’s intercession, restoring originating glory in the end as last and final eschatological glory, completing the beginning in the ultimate end of wisdom.

Elders have always testified that ‘I AM’ the Father is the origin, by generation, of ‘I AM’ the Son and Logos, and source, by procession, of ‘I AM’ the Spirit, one inseparable, primordial Father, communicated by the Son and assimilated in the Spirit, revealing the saving grace of God’s Name to the saints.  The Name ‘I AM’ is the Name unveiled as Holy Trinity in the desert by the saving grace of Holy Trinity, unconfused yet inseparable.  Ever-aware and ever-present, ‘I AM’ is one in many saints, without confusion or division.  Holy Trinity is perfection of wisdom’s completeness, communicated as glory by the Spirit, restoring glory through the Son to the Father.  There is, here, no obstruction or separation, because there is no interference from confusion.  When the Logos unveils the Name in the midst, there is living prophecy.  When there is unceasing prayer of the Spirit in the heart, there is pure prayer.  Of course, when delusion intrudes, distraction dissipates awareness and dualism divides awareness from presence, distancing wisdom from glory.  But the moment delusion is noticed and released, the Name may be hallowed once again, unveiling glory to wisdom.

The Kingdom comes on earth as wisdom as it always comes in heaven as glory.  Biblical eschatology reflects these changing states, enabling Patristic language to do justice to the differences between purification and illumination, illumination and glorification.  Beholding obscurely, as if in a mirror, temporal perspectives yield partial knowledge but are not confused with enlightened vision of timeless glory face to face, which is the unveiled face of grace, the mystery of glorification, the revelation of glory’s consummate completeness.  Wisdom and glory abide in timeless holiness yet we live ‘in between,’ a  liminal, uncertain place, a threshold between light and darkness, a shifting world of changing states, of grace appearing to come and go in time.  But the grace of awareness remains awareness and the gift of presence remains timeless presence, so although we hesitate and dither among temporal distractions, wisdom never wavers from the Spirit’s revelation of timeless glory, hallowing the Name.

Elders remind the saints that Christ gives them Holy Trinity when as wisdom he unveils the Name in glory.  We receive life of Holy Trinity when we abide with Christ in the Name.  Union of awareness and presence, wisdom and glory, is unutterable joy to all who are blessed in the Name of wisdom and glory.  When turning turns and seeing sees, awareness awakens to presence and presence is illumined by awareness.  Ever-present awareness is incontravertible evidence that the mysteries of the Name are unfabricated.  Grace is uncreated, as is the uncreated light of pure awareness.  Moreover, the glory of presence is uncreated, as is the uncreated light of pure presence.  Obstructions dissolve when confusion releases into wisdom, liberating each intrusive interruption into hallowing glorification.  Illumination purifies the heart so that glorification can free passions, which is the grace of spontaneous liberation.  

Since the Name of God saves, how could grace not be spontaneous liberation, or glory freedom?  Since self-originating awareness is primordially present, how could wisdom not be the effective cure of every shortfall from glory?  The witness of the Spirit is unceasing, so when wisdom is for a time obscured, uncreated glory always retains the innate capacity to break free of vanity, connecting up the uncreated circuit of timeless glorification again.  Elders remind the saints to remember God in his Name, ensuring that wisdom, as pure awareness, embraces glory, as pure presence, a mystery of uncreated light concealed in the hidden recesses of the awakened heart.  Saints bear witness that In Christ, the hallowing Name liberates delusion into wisdom and the Spirit releases vanity into glorification.  Christ’s saving grace hallows God’s Name, ensuring in wisdom that God’s Kingdom comes in glory.  God’s will is done, to which both elders and the saints bear witness, glory of saving grace in them answering: Amen!