Transfiguring theophanies of Holy Trinity

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Christ is primordially aware and present in the pure realm of the Spirit’s unceasing prayer in the heart, easily bearing the heavy burdens of fear, lightening the darkness of narrow and shallow religion.  He is aware and present as ‘I AM,’ his saving Name, YAH SHUAH, ‘I AM saves,’ Jesus.  The prayer of Jesus becomes the Spirit’s unceasing prayer in the heart when the Name unveils Holy Trinity, God’s God-centred glorification of God.  Holy Trinity does not come and go, having no beginning or end, being timeless in its expanding life of expansive glory.  The Spirit’s unceasing prayer does not struggle, causing strain or stress, nor is it interrupted by obstruction or anxious to cling to anything it achieves.  Since the Spirit abides in the Son and the Son indwells the Father, the scope of Holy Trinity is equal evenness in which deifying completeness expands unimpaired.  

Christ is timeless awareness attuned to timeless presence unveiling the Name as Holy Trinity without interruption, glory unveiled in wisdom without obscuration.  The Kingdom of the Father is hallowed by the Son, a Kingdom to come that comes when the Name is hallowed on earth as it is always hallowed in heaven.  The Lord’s Prayer sustains the Jesus Prayer when the Spirit’s unceasing prayer fulfils on earth what is always fulfilled in heaven.  The Spirit’s sure foundation is infinite, impartial and complete.  The Spirit’s gateway into heaven is open, ensuring the enthronement of ‘I AM,’ Christ’s revelation of the Name, unveiling the glory of God throughout his Kingdom.  Wisdom is enthroned with him, sharing his high-priestly energy of healing with all, uniting wisdom and glory as awareness with presence wherever she turns.

Abiding in Christ, there is no wavering from the Spirit’s revelation of Truth, easily rendering our strained efforts and stressed achievements redundant.  The Father does not rival the Son nor resent the Spirit, since he is the Father of lights, being of one substance with both.  There is no exclusion or division in their difference, nor annihilation or confusion in their union.  The Kingdom of Holy Trinity purifies hearts, illumines souls and glorifies persons in realms of lucidity, luminosity and translucency.  There is no end to their radiance, transparency and transfiguring theophanies.  But there is no extremism to this transcendency and there are no warring extremes arising in the shadows of enlightening radiance.  Being ever-present, awareness is wisdom and presence is glory, an embrace in the Bridal Chamber of the heart that communicates the glory of the Holiest of Holies.  Deification is hid with Christ in the heart of God the Father, blessing all who in the Spirit, turn and see.