Ineffable release

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Ineffable release abides at centre in Christ as it rests in peace in this life and in the world to come.  Death is release when timeless awareness abides in pure presence on both sides of the great divide.  The transition called death is not the catastrophic loss that fear dreads but is rather an ineffable release into love’s blessed consummation. Release is uncontrived when Great Peace rests at centre, relaxing into blessing as timeless awareness liberates into unconfined presence.  The grace of the Name does not dither but releases awareness into presence and presence into awareness with playful joy.  Awareness is unrestrained by resistance and presence is unrestricted by constraint.  Release is ineffable because it cannot be grasped, cannot be possessed, always unloosing what imprisons and liberating what is bound.  Wisdom is timeless awareness of the freeing presence of glory and profound insight into the liberating light of glorification.  Release is without interruption when confusion dissolves.  It is without cessation when division resolves back into hallowing difference, wedded to inseparable union.  Everything releases as light into glory when the grace of glorification is no longer resisted.  The enlightening energy of Christ fulfils the grace of both Baptism and Chrismation by completing what the deifying energy of the Eucharist sustains, ascending illumination conjoined with descending glorification, leaving nothing unredeemed.  Release is ineffable when it springs from the freedom of the Spirit, freedom revealed by the Son to the glory of the Father.

Release occurs at the same moment that things arise when presence is timeless and awareness endures without contraction into chronological duration.  The awakened heart knows wisdom’s love of glory in the Kingdom timeless glory and so is not divided by linear time or separated by physical space.  There is nothing to get hold of here so release is not something that can be grasped.  Rather, release releases all constricting grip but such release is ineffable because it cannot be confined within language or defined in conceptual thought.  The Spirit can only free because the Spirit is already ineffable freedom, opening the heart to the decisive experience of ineffable release.  Whether turning turns or seeing sees, ineffable release is always ineffably releasing what arises, offering timeless liberation in the midst.  This is the ineffable mystery of Christ concealed at centre in the midst, waiting to be loved and known.  Christ is our ineffable release even when we are throwing his grace back into his face, so when we turn, his patient grace is our spontaneous liberation.  But grace is hidden with Christ in God, concealed when fear reigns and separation excludes release.  It is wisdom that discerns the glory of grace and communicates Christ’s mysteries to the saints.  Offered freely to all, grace is revealed to awakened hearts, not to a mind-set that tramples its mysteries underfoot.  Christ abides in hidden glory until the eye of the heart opens, even though his grace is always offering release and able to save all.  Our freedom to defy grace is ensured by his gift to us of freedom, itself a gift of his deifying grace, the glory of Christ’s timeless freedom.

Christ is timeless freedom whose glory is ineffable release.  In Christ, timeless freedom opens everything to ineffable release, because Christ is the radiant heart of ineffable release.  In Christ, opposing powers are disempowered, releasing timeless freedom.  When grace is distanced, release is pushed away, so captivity remains captive to captivity.  In Christ, timeless freedom flows freely into ineffable release, so all our efforts to free ourselves are perversely beside the point.  All determination to achieve what Christ’s grace is already freely giving only resists and rejects grace, pushing away ineffable release.  Self-centred religiosity binds what has been unbound, binding glory to vainglory, feeding delusion in the infernal prisons of pride.  When confusion collapses, divisions dissolve and wisdom delights in release into the ineffable freedom of glory.  In Christ, ineffable release takes captivity captive, because his death releases death from death.  This is the timeless freedom of Christ’s grace in action as glory, freeing opinionated extremes from extremism, liberating constricted extremes from delusional salvation.  Freedom and bondage are released from their sterile subjection to the bondage of dualism, here where Christ is ineffable release.  In the Spirit, when division releases into freedom, dualisms no longer divide and double-binds no longer bind.  Christ is timeless freedom and his wisdom timelessly frees ineffable release to freely release everything into ineffable glory.  Ineffable release is timelessly free because Christ is timeless freedom at the heart of God’s God-centred glorification of God.