Ineffable oneness

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The ineffable oneness of uncreated awareness and uncreated presence here at the heart of the Name is an ecstatic union of wisdom and glory in the Holy of Holies.  It is axial union at centre, uncreated light of ineffable oneness of Godhead in Holy Trinity, shared by the Father with the Son and the Spirit in Trinitarian co-inherence.  It is the ineffable oneness of the conjugal point of union in Seraphic communion, of mystical marriage of the Cherubim in the Bridal Chamber of the Song of Songs among saints, of the union of male and female in Christophanic mediation, of the union of invisible and visible heavens when heaven weds earth and of the ineffable oneness of awareness and presence in ‘I AM.’  The mystery of ineffable oneness is hidden at the heart of all things, so nothing wavers from oneness at the heart of enlightenment.  Wisdom is manifold when she dances with glory in the union of uncreated love, but ineffable oneness remains undivided in their timeless embrace.  

Oneness is ineffable and so transcends all numerical and mathematical logic, which is why the oneness of Holy Trinity is usually expressed as 1+1+1 = 1, not 3.  Recognition of the oneness of awareness and presence here at centre opens ineffably to the union that holds all things together, beyond all thought or sensation, yet inseparable from all that there is.  Oneness is free of all reification, being awareness unconditioned by all objectification, presence free of all division.  The uncreated light of awareness is always one with the uncreated glory of presence, even when falls from glory plunge into confusion and separation, because God does not fall from glory when fallen angels fall from grace.  God’s Name does not disintegrate when we fall into vainglory.  Division separates subject from object but the ineffable oneness of awareness and presence transcends every dualism, offering an unwavering way out of division and a safe way back to union.

Ineffable oneness is like an invisible sphere without edges or limits, a realm of oneness without confusion or division.  Nothing separates awareness from presence in the indivisible sphere; nothing subverts the union of wisdom and glory in the hallowed Name.  The realm of glory is all-embracing within the enlightened scope of wisdom.  There is joy, there is suffering but nothing cuts awareness off from presence in the Kingdom of God.  Ineffable oneness is uncreated and the enlightened intent of Christ crucified is the cure of confusion and the healing of division.  God’s Kingdom of uncreated glory reigns serenely even in the midst of hell, always ready to deliver the sick from suffering, raising the dead from death.  

The awareness of presence ensures the presence of awareness is always open to ineffable oneness, even when division rules and separation reigns.  ‘I AM’ is the Holy Name of God, so awareness and presence are uncreated, wisdom discerning glory at the heart of the Name.  Elders point out God at centre in the midst with the help of the Name but it is the Spirit that awakens the heart in Christ to the glory of the Father.  The energy of illumination is uncreated and so is the energy of glorification.  The Spirit’s prayer in the heart is unceasing, unveiling ineffable oneness both as awareness and as presence.  The Name severs confusion and heals division here where awareness conjoins with presence in the Holy of Holies.

Wisdom loves glory wherever the Name is revealed and their union is an ineffable oneness that wisdom unveils, ascribing all glory to God.  The key point of awareness is presence and the decisive experience of presence is awareness.  It is God’s Name ‘I AM’ that teaches all this to the saints, uniting heaven and earth.  It is Holy Trinity that communicates this to angels but their celestial hierarchy never intrudes between wisdom and glory but serves to sustain its recognition in heaven and on earth from age to age.  Timeless awareness of uncreated presence abides in peace at the heart of illumination, sustaining deifying awareness of timeless presence at the heart of glorification.  The Name is already this, communicating its treasures to elders who point it out to saints.  

Great Peace is timeless as the purifying Name, unconfused in the wisdom that reveals it, undivided as the glory that completes it.  Glorification lives this completeness in the uncreated light of wisdom.  Peace is the uncreated energy of ineffable oneness and completeness is the consummation of ineffable oneness, wise awareness awake to present glory in the Spirit.  Christ is the consummation of the union of wisdom and glory, uniting enlightening awareness and glorifying presence in the hallowed Name.  This is the mystery of ineffable oneness which opens to all mysteries and it is the key to all locks, well able to open all doors.  But the Name is not a means to an end but an unending completeness completing all ends, timeless awareness timelessly present as pure presence of pure awareness.  This is the secret of the ineffable oneness of wisdom and glory, veiled until wisdom dawns and glory rises.  Wisdom is always aware of the timeless presence of glory, of the ineffable oneness of wisdom and glory in God’s God-centred glorification of God in Holy Trinity.