Christ our mystagogue

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Christ is YHWH SABAOTH, Lord of angel hosts, EHYEH in the midst of the ELOHIM, ‘I AM’ in the midst of the glorified.  He is our holy mystagogue, guiding our hearts to the altar of his presence and the hallowing completeness of his awareness.  Indeed, glorification is union and communion with him in his Holy Name, and angels always bear witness not to themselves, but to him.  The Spirit of the ELOHIM breathes inspiration far beyond the small circles who are aware of them.  Although invisible, angels partake of deifying awareness, discerning uncreated presence, sustained by wisdom, unveiling glory. Their inspiration is experienced even when their presence is denied.  Their awareness is intuited even when their invisibility is impenetrable.  We live in the light of their awareness and presence, sharing with them in the mysteries of the Holy Name.  This ever-present awareness and all-seeing presence holds creation together in the Name, opening the created world to the uncreated glory that inspires it.  Wisdom, glory and the Name belong with angels in the invisible creation which Christ holds together with the visible creation, mediating between them in many mysterious ways.  Christ joins together what otherwise would disintegrate; angels unveil these connections to save and heal what is separated.  Desert wisdom acknowledges the ELOHIM when it transmits Christ’s EHYEH sayings from the Gospel of John, hearing their healing word, ‘Fear not, I AM.’  When wisdom draws near, the glorified ELOHIM gather, angels and saints inspiring communion of faith, hope and love.

Prayer of the Name in the heart is awakening to Christ in the midst, the Spirit bearing witness to Christ’s awareness and presence in his Name.  Wisdom conjoins with glory in the Bridal Chamber of the heart, so that turning sees who sees in the Holy of Holies.  Holy Trinity imparts light to the heart and heals its wounds.  The energy of awareness unites with the energy of presence, recreating creation anew.  Taught by the Name, angels and saints breathe the same wholesome air, winged by the same healing wind.  Wisdom transfigures perception, awakening the eye of the heart.  Heaven opens on earth, undoing separation.  Angels of awareness join with angels of presence, showing how hallowing the Name lets the Kingdom come.  Elders gratefully receive their inspiration, enabling them to renew the tradition in age after age.  Prophecy does not die out, but is renewed when old prophecy speaks anew, using ancient imagery in fresh, revelatory ways.  Prayer of the Spirit in the heart awakens bright insight, well able to make all things new.  The communion of saints with angels is the unbroken glory of the ELOHIM, Christ our mystagogue generating gods by grace illumining gods by grace in generation after generation.

Christ shares his mystagogy with each generation, which partakes of his mysteries in accordance with its inherent capacities, each age with its insights and its blind spots.  The Spirit of Truth never stops aligning and correcting each partial expression so that the wholeness of truth bears witness, despite incompleteness, to completeness.  The wisdom of glory is infallible in the Holy of Holies but this is certainly not the case in every temporary expression, although if these expressions point to completeness, they too may be coherent.  A wisdom world is an angelic world that welcomes saints into its joy, releasing it from the constraints and constrictions of fear.  Wisdom never ceases to remind seers, ‘Fear not,’ ‘Be not afraid!’  Because otherwise, glory would be unbearable and vainglory indistinguishable from false humility.  Pride is delusional self-obsession that wisdom cures by seeing right through it, including the many kinds of pious pride that posture as humility.  Christ is ineffable humility and angels trust this, not their own efforts, showing saints how to cut through pride and leap over its mountains of obscuration and obstruction.  The two orders of ELOHIM, invisible angels and visible saints, work together in unexpected ways, taught by one wisdom, sustained by one glory.  Christ in glory comes as our mystagogue in glory when glorification receives him, when the ELOHIM glorify EHYEH, completeness raising incompleteness into ineffable completeness.