Uncreated Light of Transfiguration

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Wisdom turns and sees the uncreated light of Christ in the midst, opening hearts to the light of Transfiguration on Mount Tabor (Mark 9:1-13; Luke 9:28-36; 1 Peter 16-18).  The Chrism referred to in the first Epistle of John, is Christ imparting his holy mysteries to the heart, fulfilling the prophecy of the New Covenant of the awakened heart in hallowing christophanies of Holy Chrism (Jeremiah 31:31; 1 John 2:27). 

Wisdom transmits the light of Christ in a Covenant of purification through Baptism, illumination through Chrism and glorification through the Eucharist. The Spirit hallows God’s saving Name so that the Kingdom comes on earth in glory as it is always present in heaven, unveiling what is of God in us so as to transform what is not of God in us.  Uncreated light empowers us to leap over what is not of God, to abide in that of God, dwelling in our midst.  Children of light are friends of God because being enthused by God’s love they are infused by his light.

Christ imparts his light, inspiring in us whole-hearted trust and confidence in his saving Name.  Love of wisdom turns into light, centring down into the heart of light, revealing the glory of the Son of God in us.   We become by grace his sons and daughters of light, in the glory of his Kingdom.  The coming Kingdom of glory comes when the Name is hallowed and God’s will is done.  Trust in his Name lives from the well-spring of uncreated light revealed in the Transfiguration of Christ, leaping over all falls from glory into the glory of the age to come.  Christ comes again in glory in the uncreated light of the awakened heart, hallowing the Name of glory which remembers God in times of trial, weakness and illness.  


Father Silouan was unable to contribute a Wisdom Journal Post for a while after this post because he was in hospital throughout December 2016 following a right hip replacement that developed rare complications.