Heart burning recognition

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Glorification springs from recognition, as when the disciples recognised Christ at the Eucharist in Emmaus  and their hearts burned within them when he opened to them the mysteries of glory in the Scriptures, unveiling the glory at the heart of his suffering  (Luke 24:13-25)  Hearts burn when recognition of the Name sees Christ at centre in the midst.  Deep turning burns the heart with a piercing flame, leaving a wound of purifying tears that cure passions.  Radical recognition sees, turning fire to light, illumining the eye of the heart with uncreated light, opening illumination to glory.  Glorification fulfils Pentecostal flame and Ascension’s uncreated light when descending glory transforms hell’s separations into heaven’s unions, beyond the grasp of separation’s thought or sense.   Recognition opens hearts to the remembrance of God in the midst, sustained by metanoia and theoria.  God deifies all who turn and see Christ in glory in the midst, restoring their suffering to the deifying flame of glory which is their theosis. 

Hesychast tradition arises from the resurrected Jesus as uncreated fire burning in the hearts of prophets, apostles and saints.   It rises as uncreated light with him in his Ascension and descends with him in his glorification as uncreated glory discerned by wisdom.   Prophecy communicates the uncreated word that unveils the Name whilst prayer assimilates revelation of the Name through the Spirit’s prayer in the heart.  Elders transmit wisdom through prophecy and prayer, and wisdom bears witness to glory in the illumined heart.  The apostle Paul says unselfish love remains when prophecy and prayer fall away, and glorification fulfils illumination in the directionless directness of glory (1 Cor 13).

Hesychast transmission is a mode of apostolic mission which communicates the Eternal Gospel to awaken hearts to glorification in every generation.   The Constantinople Synods of 1341-1351 affirm the Patristic Orthodoxy of Hesychasm and its wisdom transmission of the saving Name and recognition of Christ in the burning glory that purifies the heart.  Resurrection turns the heart around to awaken to God in the midst.   Ascension illumines the heart so that seeing can work its holy cures.  Glorification unites turning with seeing as a union of praxis and theoria, opening illumination to the mysteries of glory in the Kingdom come.  Hearts turn, burn and bleed as recognition nourishes the remembrance of God.  The Hesychast legacy of Emmaus reaches out to us in every age, transmitting glorification through wisdom and the Name.