Dawn Star Wisdom

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In the darkness before dawn, the dawn star of wisdom rises all glorious within.   When wisdom turns and sees, the noetic intelligence descends into the awakened heart, uniting with the uncreated light of the Holy Spirit praying ‘Abba, Father,’ in our midst.  The Kingdom of the dawn star is within us so whoever seeks for it outside will be in danger of descending to dissipation in outer darkness.  Saint Denis and Saint Gregory Palamas say that when the intelligence goes out in a straight line it becomes entangled in error, but when it returns to God in the midst, it awakens to its primordial ground and moves in an infallible circular motion of light through light in light, releasing delusion after delusion.   The heart turns and sees God at centre when it ascends in light through light, uniting with the light of glory descending to meet us.  Glorification begins with light seeing light when turning purifies the heart, but the dawn star of wisdom dispels the darkness of the night in the light of uncreated glory.

In his Defence of the Holy Hesychasts, Saint Gregory Palamas exposes the sin against the Spirit which demonises grace, the error of ascribing illumination of the heart to Lucifer.  Heychasts are frequently condemned as deluded in their life time only to be canonised as saints once they are safely dead.  This mentality is common among some who claim to be nominally orthodox, but who demonise Hesychasm, which is is heart.    Narrow, shallow convention religion speaks in the name of a separate god out there that knows nothing of the Name of God, or of God’s Kingdom in the midst.  This separate god is not God revealed by Christ, holy wisdom of God incarnate, but is shallow parody, conceived by conventional logic and a worldly imagination.  In the desert, Hesychast elders rightly divide the word of indivisible truth from the confusion of those who demonise wisdom.  

The dawn star of wisdom shines out of darkness to illumine the heart, transfiguring it in the midst with glory’s uncreated light.   Wisdom unifies all she illumines in the Name, for in each and all, Christ is one as God is one.   The glory of the Holy Name is wondrous to behold but remains hid with Christ in God until the eye of the heart awakens.   Glory unveils our human faces to the revelatory Face of Glory whose uncreated light is ever present in our midst.  Glorification is transformation from glory to glory which turns the mirror image back into actual likeness to God.   Light opens to light within us until we are light from light, divine by grace springing forth from God as God’s uncreated energies of wisdom and glory.   Diadochos of Photike says noetic awareness sees itself as light when uncreated light awakens the heart to glory.   We become translucent when we become all light.   Turning turns to see light through light.  When wisdom’s dawn star rises, glory turns to behold divine glory face to face.