Glory and the Bees

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Bees mirror the uncreated love which does not seek its own.  Such love forgives and gives life, like the uncreated, loving energy of the cross which radiates divine glory from before the foundation of the world.  The Church of God circles round Christ, wisdom of God, like bees around their queen.  Wisdom births us spiritually like the queen bee births the bees.  She is their queen in ways that point to the hidden wisdom of God given for our glorification before all ages.   She is their glory just as they are hers.  Love reconciles and so extinguishes enmity, hallowing the Name in each and all.  The bees are an icon of these mysteries of glory, reflecting as they do the unselfish love that empties self of all self-interest.

Bees bear witness to the spiritual cross of unselfish love in that each bee gives every moment of its life for the good of all.   Bees point us to purification of the heart which liberates us from all that is self-interested and so not of God, so that illumination frees us to see God in all and all in God.   Glorification turns the heart into a sanctuary of the Holy Trinity, centred on the Father through the Son in the Holy Spirit.   The glory that wisdom discerns is given to all who give glory to God.  The glory of I AM is where wisdom dwells and this glory is given to all for the good of all, just like the glory of the bees.  Receiving glory we turn and see glory calling us out of ourselves into greater and greater glory.  The bees know this in their own way as they go about their business on the hill.   So, too, the hum of the bees is a hallowing doxology which embraces us to the extent that we are able to embrace it.

Christ unveiled the hallowing Name so that the unselfish love that God knows through God in God is transmitted to us.   It is this unselfish love which bees reveal once its glory is revealed to us.  This glory is given us before and after time in the timeless NOW of ever-present awareness, which is aware of the presence that is always aware:  I AM.  This is the Holy Name that Christ came to reveal and its glory glorifies all who awaken to it through wisdom.   The bees bear witness to holy oneness of being which gives well-being to all in the timeless being of the Name.  Christ resurrects all who see his glory resurrecting them anew in every moment, and the mystery of the bees lives on even though each bee lives only a very short life, particularly in the busy months of summer foraging.  Christ goes away so that the Spirit of Truth may come and unveil glory, glory that reveals completeness even in the midst of our incompleteness.  The bees die after their few busy days are over, manifesting mysteries of completeness even in the midst of their vulnerable incompleteness.  Their unselfish love bears witness to their glory which is the glory that calls us out of ourselves into the glory of unselfish love.