Wedding of Wisdom and the Name

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The Holy Name ‘I AM’ weds the ineffable openness of God’s ‘I’ with the ever-present Oneness of God’s ‘AM,’ releasing divine glory into timeless freedom.   Ineffable openness arises in the midst of uncreated awareness of the timeless presence of uncreated Oneness.  ‘I’ awareness and ‘AM’ presence are indivisible, although they appear to separate into subject-object dualisms when division and confusion reign.  Glory is timelessly free and freeing when loving kindness restores confusion to communion and radiant wisdom restores division to ineffable union.   Glorification is the experience of ineffable release when loving kindness weds radiant wisdom, and the water of outwardness turns into God’s wine of glory, life-blood of liberation.  The Eucharist celebrates the timeless marriage of ‘I’ and ‘AM’ as a sacred wedding feast, opening the Bridal Chamber mysteries of wisdom’s wedding with the Name in the Holiest of Holies.   It liberates radiant wisdom which discerns the glory of loving kindness, releasing God’s Kingdom, union of the uncreated and the created in the Holy of Holies, with every breath.

Prayer of the Holy Spirit in the heart releases Great Peace into the world, liberating glory’s reign with timeless freedom.  The Name communicates Great Peace at the heart of loving kindness when radiant wisdom sees deeply into the heart of the glory of the Name.  Ineffable openness and the oneness of pure presence birth glory from glory in every moment.  It is not that we have to grit our teeth with the strain and stress of effort to achieve this.  The pearl of great price is free and frees those who treasure it.  Wisdom arises with glory without effort, although ‘Amen’ to this costs not less than everything.  There is no separation when the hallowing Name weds radiant wisdom and loving kindness with every breath.   God’s Kingdom releases everything into timeless freedom.  His will is done when his pure realm of uncreated light releases into glory.   Glory transforms glory, from glory to glory, when Great Peace shines forth from the hallowed Name.

Prayer of the hallowing Name unveils the ineffable openness of God’s ever-present Oneness.   God’s boundless loving kindness shines forth from wisdom’s cell of the illumined heart.   There is no end to uncreated glory nor limit to wisdom’s radiance.  Time and space fall away in timeless freedom.  Pure realms of endless liberation restore harsh hells to hallowing heavens, havens of Great Peace healing the vanities of vainglory.   Prisons of pride release their prisoners so that they are restored to timeless freedom.  Effort strains and stresses, obstructing freedom, whereas uncreated grace releases strain and liberates stress into unimpeded freedom.   All ways and means to reach this postpone it whereas Great Peace has always loved and known it.   Ineffable openness never strays from the uncreated presence of deifying Oneness, releasing everything into timeless freedom.