Harmony and Completeness

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Prophecy communicates the Word that unveils the revelatory Name, pointing out where God is to be found, so that prayer can assimilate the glory of the Name, which imparts uncreated harmony with consummate completeness.  To keep the vision, wisdom turns and sees, letting harmony transfigure what glory completes.  Curing confusion that separates us from God, ourselves and one another, the delusion of division dissolves in the uncreated light of hallowing communion.   Wisdom bears witness to completeness without usurping the glory that completes us.  Harmony unites created spiritual and sensible worlds with uncreated energies of dynamic goodness, glory bearing fruit in glory as ever expanding spheres of hallowing completeness.  

Wisdom trusts the Name ‘I AM’ to save by abiding in uncreated, ever-present awareness or ‘I,’ resting in uncreated wide aware presence or ‘AM.’   Wisdom spontaneously releases confusion and division but she does not take time, as in conditioned progressive paths, because grace, being uncreated, is not temporal, and wisdom, being timeless, is not in time.  Prophecy points out what spiritual turning instantaneously does, so that what seeing sees the Spirit spontaneously frees.  Uncreated light turns and sees timeless light of glory in the midst.   An ocean of graced harmony surrounds this turning, nourishing the clarity of prophecy.  A mountain of completeness consummates this seeing, light of uncreated glory nourishing the luminosity of pure prayer.  

Employment of concepts such as mountain or ocean should not mislead us into sterile fantasy nor this provisional use of fertile imagery seduce us out of imageless prayer.  Waves of conceptual imagery fall back into non-conceptual oceans of pure prayer once we let the sword of prophecy cut through our mountainous delusions and confusions.  Wisdom leaps over mountains of separation and division, transmitting spontaneous harmony in the midst of ineffable completeness.   Completeness arises effortlessly and harmony arises without strain or stress within glory, spontaneous radiance of the saving Name. Harmony bears witness to oceans of completeness by releasing waves of incompleteness into her expanse, releasing our tormented storms into her calm so that oceans of glory infuse wide havens with Great Peace.