Whole Truth: Great Peace

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Wisdom in the desert turns and sees God in the midst, awakening to the glory of ‘I AM’ at centre, whose uncreated energies unite turning and seeing into unceasing glorification of God, through God, in God.   Holy Trinity is whole truth revealing timeless glory discerned by wisdom in the desert, not as temporal duration proceeding from a lost past to a fleeting present inexorably cut off from an imagined future, but as coming apocalyptic glory embracing glory’s lost paradise in the timeless ever-present awareness of glory in the Spirit.  Proceeding from the Father to abide in the Son, the Spirit returns with us to the Father, restoring in the Son all that the Spirit knows.  Christ, here, is Great Peace in glory, the centre of all circles where all centres coincide.  He unites contradictory opposites in such a way that they cease to antagonise but complement each other, war transfigured by glory in theophanies of Great Peace.  

The Logos of ‘I AM’ in glory with names like way, truth and life, is uncreated fire transmuting physical energy into pure psychic clarity, and psychic energy into limpid purity of heart as spiritual all-capacity, united by glory of ‘I AM’ with names ascribing glory to God, centred in glory of ‘I AM’ beyond names, releasing glory from glory beyond all conceptions of God.  The anarchic anonymity of the Logos of the ‘Name beyond all names’ frees us in glory from every conditioning addiction, so that in Christ, the Spirit turns the lead of external existence to the gold of eternal well-being in God.  This wondrous turning or release is sometimes likened to an alchemical transmutation of elemental energies into subtle symbols, opening into spiritual theoria, then to formless theophanies of glory encircling ‘I AM’ in the midst.  Christ as light and living flame of love is way to truth and life.  His deifying bread feeds life with light, hidden seed of wisdom’s tree of glory.  Wisdom leads light into glory, rising with Christ into ascending light, releasing glory from descending glory.  An Eternal Gospel of glory liberates all forms of temporal gospel from the shackles of durational and representational thinking so that time may partake of glory’s timely timelessness in the hallowed presence of the Name.  Christ’s glorifying death is death to death, his glorifying burial condemns hell to hell and his glorifying resurrection raises all to his ascended Bridal Chamber, where Cherubic wisdom dwells, mystically wed with descending glory in the Holiest of Holies, beyond yet within the Holy of Holies.

Christ in glory is not confined to a finite location in space or time, but is present everywhere and always in his Name ‘I AM,’ uncreated awareness wed with uncreated presence in the Bridal Chamber of every heart.  The heart is always already a Holy of Holies where wisdom embraces glory in the Holiest of Holies  but this sacred union lies hidden, waiting to be loved and known.  The Spirit unveils this conjugal union of wisdom and glory through the Son, so that the glorified may ascend through seven heavens by descending with Christ into seven hells, emptying them of the dead with him.  The resurrected rise with him in glory with wisdom, as harrowed hells reunite through him with hallowing heavens.  Christ is the still point at centre where earthly wisdom, which is created and creates, weds earthly glory, which is created and does not create, so that wisdom which creates and is not created weds glory which neither creates nor is created.  Rooted in Denis and Maximus, John Scotus Eriugena bears witness to uncreated wisdom wedding uncreated glory in the Holiest of Holies, underlying all lesser unions in east or west.  Glory which neither creates nor is created is Godhead’s Sabbath ‘rest,’ before and after the aeons of created space and time.  Self-emptying into the glory of the Name, wisdom abandons self-interest and the divisive dualisms that confusion spawns.  Wisdom dies now to all that death destroys, letting glory be glory ascribing glory to God.  With created face unveiled, the uncreated Face of grace unveils glory in countless mirrors or icons of glory.  Free of the objectifying gaze of curious scrutiny, wisdom never pries into the mysteries of the Holy of Holies nor confuses its unconditioned ends with sophistry’s conditioned ends.  Beyond reification’s mutually exclusive externals, wisdom beholds glory reveal glory to glory without end.

Maximus called wise mysteries of glory in God: theologia, and the mysteries of glory in us, which wisdom sustains, he called oikonomia, the law (nomos) of Logos that turns cosmos into a home, oikos, for wisdom and glory.  As oikonomia, the Name with predicates turns the cosmos into a Kingdom of Heaven, but as theologia, the Name beyond predication raises heavens beyond heavens into the Kingdom of God.   Glory which neither creates nor is created finally frees everything from addiction to that which is, or to that which is not.  Glory transcends what is and what is not, free of both what is and what is not, free also of neither what is nor what is not.  The Name of glory is utterly freeing in ineffable ways, wisdom curing glory of every addiction, glory discerned by wisdom that releases collusion of all kinds.  Great peace is wisdom’s Sabbath beyond movement and rest, freeing every diabolic division conditioned by satanic confusion from sterile opposition.   Wisdom’s ever-moving rest stands steadfast by moving with the wind of the Spirit as it blows, never knowing how the Spirit will move next.  No-one knows what glory is or how it does what it does, but wisdom knows that glory is all that is known, and that it is and always was glory that transcends us.  Glory comes again in every moment as apocalypse of wisdom, transcending yet including time past by transcending and including time future, time present transcending every fixation in present awareness, aware that glory’s presence transcends fixation anew in every moment.  In this way, or something like it, glory transfigures and includes everything with glory, just as each sun outshines its stars, repeated everywhere and always, without intrusion or obstruction.  

Freedom coincides with glory in the Logos when wisdom opens apocalypse after apocalypse in the Spirit to the Great Peace at the heart of all worlds.  Ineffable, uncreated fire consumes separation as it cauterises confusion, so that everywhere the desert bush burns.  Satanic separation is consumed but not wisdom’s uncreated creativity, which unites with uncreated glory everywhere.  Diabolic division is severed so that translucent difference is secured, sustaining difference in unity, restoring peace in all worlds.  Wisdom does not divulge her mysteries of glory but honours them with silence together with ineffable speech that indicates what her silence is humbly showing.   She does not discuss but reveals, letting glory be, so wisdom can wed glory which shall forever be Great Peace.  Wisdom is a timeless tree of life which sheds contradictory oppositions like good and evil even as she opens her fruits to release seeds of eternal glory everywhere.   Christ is wisdom awake in all so that glory in all may awaken to wisdom.  Wisdom is Great Peace restoring truth of glory to the whole.