Tree of Wisdom and Glory

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Wisdom in the desert is a tree of life whose fruits spontaneously open to release glory. Elders let each fruit release its seeds of light so that saints embrace eternal life.  Wisdom’s tree in paradise bears many fruits that open to release glory, full to overflowing with different gifts of healing, opening old wounds to cure them, enabling open wounds to heal.  Knowing how wisdom releases to unite, elders know how glory opens to release.  Knowing when to gather to cure strain and when to scatter to cure stress, wisdom scatters to expand and gathers to contract, holding glory’s antagonistic energies together so that they do not fly apart.  Moses in the desert saw a burning bush and was dazzled.  He was overcome on the mountain by the light of the Name he heard.  Elijah in the cave received a gentle whisper but the deafening silence of the uttered Name outdid the earthquake, wind and fire, and left him utterly overwhelmed.  But Logos lets glory be.  It opens to the mystery of the glory of the Name, ‘I AM.’  Profound turning lets ‘I AM’ be, saying glory be!  Saints bear witness with elders to the limpid purity of ‘I AM,’ opening to the uncreated light of the Name in the releasing wisdom of glory.  Holy Trinity reveals before it is revealed, always ahead of what is known, always transcending what is grasped.  Suspending inspection, countering calculation,’I AM’ unveils ‘I AM’ to ‘I AM.’

The turn, metanoia, lets ‘I AM’ be.  Theoria, wisdom of ‘I AM,’ sees.  Theosis, glory of ‘I AM,’ says glory be.  Tri-une grace gives and receives.  Trinity is not three separate subsistences but one substance in three persons, a co-inherent opening of the Lord of glory, in the Spirit of glory restoring glory to the Father.  Grace is a mutual exchange of gifts.  Awareness is gift of presence to awareness, of awareness to presence, ensuring wisdom’s gift of glory and glory’s gift of wisdom meet and conjoin.  The Name is where God gives us God so that opening in God to mystery is sustained.  ‘I’ and ‘AM,’ awareness ever-present and presence ever-aware, cohere in the Name as wisdom and glory, and co-inhere as glory beheld in wisdom.  The Name is the nameless no-place where God begets his Son in our midst, and where the Spirit proceeds to abide in him so that through him we return, restored, to the Father’s heart of glory.  The Spirit’s unceasing gift of grace is prayer in us that heals our brokenness and completes us anew in every moment.  Our incompleteness is encompassed by the light of the completeness of his glory.

The Name is the place of grace where God opens to God in God, hidden in his Holy of Holies in our midst.  ‘ I AM’ opens everything to an ineffable grace of openness, which is glory beheld by wisdom in the hidden heart of all worlds.  Wisdom’s openness is complete release.  It is the glory of the Holy Name.   We cannot sustain our ‘Amen’ to it, so we fall short of glory until we turn again and see.  But the Name does not fall short, nor the glory ever fail.  Wisdom sustains glory in the saving Name.  The saving Name does not cease to save, which is why it is called the Holy Name.  The meaning of the saving Name, Jesus, is ‘I AM saves,’ YAH SHUAH.  Jesus is ‘I AM.’  The Gospel of ‘I AM’ does not cease to release wisdom into glory or open glory out to wisdom, even though we fall and fail.   Wisdom uncovers glory and glory retrieves wisdom in the Name, even when we fail to recognise the Kingdom come.  The Lord’s Prayer turns us back into the hallowed Name, releasing glory from wisdom and restoring wisdom in glory in the Holiest of Holies, so the Kingdom comes for us as it always comes in heaven.  The Magnificat says simply:  Holy is His Name.  The tree of wisdom and glory is not good and evil but sound, wholesome and good right through, releasing evil back into the good.  The Holy Name is a tree of life whose fruits of wisdom release seeds of glorying the Holy of Holies, whose seeds of glory sprout forth again as ineffable wisdom in the Holiest of Holies.