One Kingdom: Seven Heavens…2

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The Kingdom of God is unveiled by the Father, through the Son, in the Holy Spirit, imparting wisdom which discerns the glory of the Name ‘I AM,’ turning hearts back into God seeing God in God, uncreated light opening to uncreated glory in seven heavens.  The Kingdom of heaven unfolds as seven heavens, which fall into confusion as seven hells, seven ways division separates what God unites.  Christ restores seven hells as seven wholesome heavens, offered to the Father in the Spirit, curing what ignorance confuses and fear divides.  The Kingdom of heaven enfolds what the Kingdom of God unfolds, seven heavens of the Name, unveiled in the midst as seven emptied hells.  Wisdom discerns the divine ‘I’ awareness with penetrating insight and the divine ‘AM’ presence with receptive intuition, uniting the Name ‘I’ and ‘AM’ as enlightening intuitive awareness, both penetrating and receptive.  When intuitive awareness gazes into what ignorance ignores and embraces what fear represses, the narcissistic emptiness driving ignorance and fear dissolves into radiant self-emptying glory.  The despair at the root of fissured hells transforms back into wholesome trust, generating healthy faith, hope and love.  The emptiness that ignorance feared turns out to be the radiant emptiness of Godhead.  Wisdom restores our conceptions of ‘God-for-us’ in the unconditoned image and likeness of divine Godhead, wholesome source of unconditional faith, hope and love.

The Kingdom of God, which is the radiant sphere of Holy Trinity, descends to the seventh heaven as uncreated grace, unveiling infinite mercy extending to all who fall from God, and to the sixth heaven as divine justice, love’s rigour in relation to all that parodies God.  The Kingdom of Holy Trinity manifests as divine beauty in the fifth heaven, balancing all that destroys divine harmony by refusing to integrate divine mercy and justice.  Divine victory over all that usurps God unveils the fourth heaven, uniting with divine majesty reigning over all that opposes God in the third heaven.  Wisdom unveils the union of divine victory and divine majesty in the second heaven, the divine foundation of all wholeness and healing.  The Kingdom of God is fulfilled in the first heaven, wedding mercy and justice in beauty, together with victory and majesty in wholeness, unveiling the Name of glory as the foundational expanse of prototypical creation.  The Kingdom of God weds God in Trinity with God in his names mercy and justice, generating beauty, together with God in his names victory and majesty, generating a wholesome healing, foundation of the Kingdom of heaven.  This returning restoration recapitulates all that falls from God and all that parodies God, together with all that usurps God and all that opposes God, into God the Holy Trinity.  The Great Peace of God in Tri-une Godhead descends as peace in God through God to all hells, restoring hells to their wholesome foundations in the Kingdom of heaven.  

The Holy Name ‘I AM’ unites the glory of God’s ‘I’ in the Kingdom of God the Holy Trinity, with the glory of God’s ‘AM’ in the seven heavens of the Kingdom of heaven.  When confusions of ignorance collude with divisive fear, dread and anxiety, the Name is dragged down into pathological dualism, ‘I’ split from ‘AM’ in a plethora of divisive, delusive dualisms.  The reunification of the Name weds God’s ‘I’ with God’s ‘AM’ when the Kingdom of God is fulfilled in all seven heavens, separating out pathological confusions and healing disintegrating divisions.  The Beloved Disciple’s seven demons were cured, bequeathing a therapeutic wisdom at the heart of the holy tradition that deconstructs the demonising energies of narcissistic self-love.  Narcissistic poisons are released as love penetrates brokenness with hallowing energies.  Mercy and justice join as beauty births a sure foundation grounded in victory over what usurps God and majesty reigning over what opposes God.  The Kingdom of God is fulfilled in the seven heavens of glory which wisdom discerns in the Kingdom of heaven.  The wisdom of the’I’ of God is fulfilled in the glory of the ‘AM’ of God that heals all seven demons, descending into seven hells to restore them as seven wholesome heavens.  

The foundation of what is above is the wholeness of what is below, unveiling the wisdom  of glory above by uncovering the glory of wisdom down below.  The witness of the Beloved Disciple grounds wisdom in the love that the Father imparts to the Son, unveiling the glory of the hallowing Name in the Holy Spirit.  The glory of Christ’s Chariot Throne descends to the seven heavens to fill them with light, restoring their beauty and grounding them in hallowing wholeness.  Glory rides the breaking waves of the cosmic ocean as joy rooted in deeper and deeper, wider and wider openness.   For wisdom, awareness is ever-present and presence is ever-aware here, everywhere, undoing ignorance and fear.  No-thing created at centre weds boundless unbinding off-centre as the hallowing Name harrows hell after hell, crowning wisdom with glory in all seven heavens.  The kingdom of God, working through divine Tri-une release, liberates seven broken hells into seven healing heavens, unbinding every subjugation that alienates the Spirit.  Wise love penetrates right through what binds us and gently releases all that glory receptively embraces.  The seven heavens are one Kingdom in the Name.