In Spirit and in Truth.

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God gives prayer to those who pray in Spirit and in Truth (John 4:24).   The Kingdom comes when the Spirit hallows the Truth of the Name, because when the Name is hallowed in spiritual prayer, the Kingdom comes through Christ’s revelation of the Truth.  Pure prayer in Spirit is theoria of the Holy Trinity, which is the highest act of the awakened heart or nous.  Ascent of the human spirit into God, one spirit with the Holy Spirit, is descent of the Truth of the Name into the heart.

Abba Evagrius said that someone who worships in Spirit and Truth no longer honours the Creator because of his works, but praises him because of himself (Chapters on Prayer 59.)  Since God in himself is the Blessed Trinity, pure prayer gives the uncreated light of glory back to the Father, through the Truth of the Son, in the Spirit of the Paraclete.

Evagrius also said the theologian is one who truly prays, for one who truly prays is a theologian (Chapters on Prayer 60).  He called prayer ‘mystical theology’ because this uncreated word of the Spirit prays God’s prayer of the hallowed Name in us.   Its uncreated light transfigures everything when deifying theosis purifies the heart in the Holy Spirit, in whom glorification restores deified creation to the Father through the Son.  ‘Mystical theology’ is wisdom’s discernment of the glory of the Trinity, which is the unveiling in Spirit and in Truth of the glory of the Father of lights in the awakened heart.