Wisdom’s Gentle Embrace.

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Wisdom discerns the glory of the hallowed Name at the heart of the Kingdom come.  God’s will is done when the Kingdom comes and the Name is hallowed on earth, just as it is hallowed in heaven.  Christ’s resurrection life is communicated whenever wisdom’s witness to the resurrection is heard and received, which is when the Apostle to the apostles, Mary of Magdala, is heard and believed.  She is to be trusted because the resurrection she witnessed is the life and heart of the Gospel.  The Beloved Disciple is to be trusted whose witness to the resurrection inspired the Fourth Gospel, as it inspired the Paschal Church.  

Wisdom wisely hides the Beloved Disciple who saw how things unfolded as she stood at the foot of the Cross on Golgotha and what happened when she went alone to the Garden at dawn on the first day of the week.  Wisdom conceals yet reveals her identity as the Beloved Co-companion who recognised him when he spoke her name, Maryam, and who was told not to cling to him, because he was not yet ascended to his Father.  All gospels agree she was the one who was given the Gospel of the Resurrection and who transmits it to us now just as she transmitted it to the Apostles.  So was she the Beloved Companion who was responsible for sharing how things looked as she leaned on his breast at the Last Supper?  A wise redactor needed to conceal her name and gender if her witness in the Fourth Gospel was to be heard and treasured in a patriarchal age.

Whatever scholars eventually decide on this issue, the Gospel of Philip bears witness that wisdom spoke through his love of her and in turn spoke through her love of him.  Whilst the Beloved Disciple bore witness to his resurrection, bringing hope to scattered disciples, hiding behind locked doors, the Fourth gospel also transmitted the wisdom of the Name ‘I AM’ to every age.   As his Bride, Church of his mysteries, her witness to the resurrection as the Apostle to the Apostles opens hearts to the mysteries of glory in the hallowed Name.  She is the Magdala, a tower of strength, whose love bears fruit in age after age, even in the midst of centuries of repressed concealment.  She is not crushed by misogyny in Patriarchal times, but rises again, resurrecting with her anointed Beloved, again and again, at one with his heart of love, the love that is spoken of in the three Epistles of Saint John, which perhaps, as the Lady chosen by God, she inspired (2 John 1:1 and 5).  Was she both witness to wisdom clothed with the sun, hounded and persecuted, but also witness to wisdom descending from heaven as his Bride, the New Jerusalem, in the Book of Revelation?  

Perhaps her time comes whenever hearts are once again a dwelling place for wisdom and ascend from seven hells of addiction to the seven heavens of healing?  In which case, her gaze would be the kiss of peace and the embrace of grace in the Holy of Holies, transforming her seven demons into seven seals which open to the seven holy gardens of paradise.  There is no end to the radiance of glory that springs from wisdom’s gentle embrace as she is revealed in the unveiled face of Christ, so perhaps there is no end to the radiance of beauty transmitted by the Beloved Disciple, Apostle of the Apostles, Mary, the Beloved Companion?   In which case, Mary, mother of God and Mary his beloved companion are both human witnesses to wisdom’s gentle embrace, singing ‘Mari Yah,’ which being interpreted is ‘my Lord is I AM.’