Mirror of Wisdom

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The Apostle says that with faces unveiled, we reflect as mirrors the glory of the Lord  and are transformed into his image from glory to glory (2 Corinthians 3:18).    Wisdom beholds the Name as a mirror, revealing glory to wisdom as presence to awakened awareness.  The eye of the heart opens, unveiling face to face vision of uncreated glory.  The Spirit is glorified when mirroring awareness in the midst shows the mirrored face to be a reflection, not to be confused with the mirror.   Wisdom discerns the unveiled mirrored face when its glory is suddenly seen.  Holiness is present when wisdom’s mirror unveils mirrored faces so that uncreated mirroring awareness sees and is seen.  The limpid translucence of this awareness unveils God in the midst and opens the heart to the glory of unending openness.

There is a radiant completeness that delivers and saves all who turn and see.   It is called the Great Peace, the radiant image of ineffable Completeness.  The Name crowns with glory along the same axis as the Spirit of Truth illumines the heart with peace.   Wisdom blossoms and flowers with a shimmering energy that makes all things new.  It inspires love of wisdom which is continuously nourished by wisdom’s holy love.  No-one is left out and nothing is excluded by this gentle embrace.   It breathes renewing life into the heart, imparting life eternal.  Wisdom is vigilant in turning and attends in seeing, in co-operation with the uncreated light of glory whose grace it reflects. 

The heart is pure that knows where purity comes from and gives glory to its source, the oceanic completeness of God, Father of Lights.  Sealed by the Spirit, it is the sanctuary of the Holy of Holies, safe and sure.  Wisdom sings for love of glory and the Name, extinguishing fear and terror.  When externals appear to shudder and shake, wisdom stands steadfast.  When visible worlds pass away, glory is immortal.  The mirror of wisdom is like the niche within which the light of glory shines.  The soul is illumined as it reflects this light, mirroring uncreated light in dappled created lights, translucent with glory.  The radiant tree is wisdom’s symbol of this grace as it descends to unveil glory, from glory opened even now to revelation of glory opening without end.