Cloud of Witnesses

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Wisdom inspires a heavenly cloud of witnesses like a swarm of bees, a communion of angels and saints resonant as one uncreated presence in many voices.  Together, they unveil a hidden mystery of glory, which is a Oneness of being alight in many seers, and a Oneness of seeing revealed in many beings.  There is here a co-inherence of the One in the many and an inter-penetration of the many and the One.  Bees are a living witness to this wisdom, a presence that surrounds the monastery with a golden resonance of love.

The wisdom of the Migdala unveiled the Oneness of Christ in many elders and saints, a wisdom that generates seers in every generation.  The transmission of her legacy is the glory of resurrection, hidden with Christ in God until ascension opens us to union without confusion of seer and seen.  She inspires love, born of the love she bore, a love that bees reveal when all give all for the good of all, without counting the cost. 

The fruit of the union of Yeshuah and MariYah is not a Merovingian bloodline but a spiritual transmission of wisdom which opens the eye of the heart.  Her seers see her Beloved when they see her.  They do not see her in separation from him because, as his co-companion and Beloved Disciple, she does not grasp at what is her own but shares him with us all.   She communicates resurrection as the Apostle to the apostles, inspiring love in all for all at the heart of the Church.  Her Church is not a sect or a denomination, but the Covenant of glory and grace which embraces all who awaken to love that seeks not its own.  Her voice is heard again, bearing witness to the Name, echoing down the centuries in the witness of many saints, just like bees who resound as one in a buzzing doxology of many voices.