Wisdom of the Cross.

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Wisdom unveils the light of glory in Christ’s Cross of love:  revealing God, through God the slaughtered Lamb, in God.   The awakened heart sees seer and seen as one in wisdom, knowing God through God in God.  This seeing is a knowing in God by grace, and grace is God’s uncreated energy of glory in act.

Knowing in God raises us from knowing about God outside, to wisdom, which is knowing God in God from within.  Christ is this wisdom, and he unveils the Name in glory to all.

A sketch of Christ on the Cross by Saint John of the Cross survives in Avila in Spain.  It expresses love’s boundless glory in a simple image of Christ crucified.  It points to the mystery of the glory of Christ, discerned by wisdom in the Cross, cutting through the obscurations of confusion, leaping over divisive separation.  By it, the Name of the slaughtered Lamb is transmitted from God through God in God: Holy Trinity in act as uncreated energy.  The divine presence is the pure act of uncreated awareness at centre in our midst.  It crucifies confusion to raise us into union, as in the mystery of the Eucharist.  It is the wisdom of Christ crucified, Christ the slaughtered Lamb, unveiling the glory of the Holy Name.